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Igor Vernika`s apartment: Add in a hall of plants!

a hall

the Hall is a premise which very well approaches for rest and dialogue of people. Bezhevo - the brown scale (elements of the Earth) speaks about stability in life. Through the big, beautifully issued window Tsi gets into apartment, making positive impact on the tenants, giving to them force and a positive spirit.

the Armchair and a sofa stand a back to a wall that the fan - shuj does not contradict rules. It is possible to add a live plant (elements of the Tree) in a room. Presence of a supervising element of the Tree at a small amount will force an element of the Earth to work even more actively. Besides indoor plants always involve a lot of favorable Tsi in the house.

the Hall

the Room

Musical instruments always contribute in attraction of Tsi. Here again there is a main rule: it should comfortable and convenient to person to play this tool. It does not mean that it is necessary to sit a back to a wall. But it is necessary - taki to take care all of that behind the back there was no door or a window, and lateral sight it would be possible to see people entering into a room.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to open book shelves which change quality of Tsi so, and its influence on the person becomes adverse. The best variant - a case or regiments with doors. If it is impossible to make it to place furniture it is necessary so that open regiments have not been directed on people when they have a rest, play a musical instrument or work.

A room

  the Children`s table

Equipping a place where the child is engaged, does homework and so on, it is necessary to give great attention to a desktop, its arrangement. It should stand so that the person sat a back to a wall, and before it there was an open space and possibility to see a door in a room. In this case this condition is not executed. But to settle down behind a table faced to a window it is better, than to sit to it a back. If to rearrange a table there is no possibility it is necessary to replace a chair with an armchair with a high back then the child will have a confidence of preparation of homeworks.

the Children`s table

  On a sofa

the Room is issued in dark blue scale and represents the Water element. Therefore the wooden sofa is entered here as well as possible, as elements of Water and the Tree « are on friendly terms ». Bright small pillows and a floor lamp do not allow Tsi to stand, involve it in this room. The arrangement of a sofa a back to a wall would contribute in good rest here, if not a chandelier with sharp « drops » which is directly over a sofa. Therefore it is necessary either to replace the lamp, or to rearrange a sofa. And more it is necessary to find a place on a wall for the pictures standing in a corner. The fan - shuj does not love a disorder and « blockages » in premises as it contributes in chaos occurrence in affairs, disturbs to realisation of plans in life and so on.

On a sofa