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The pensioner tries to seize manor at Baturin and Rudkovsky

Was German, became Soviet

Settlement Nagornoe near that Chernyakhovsk is unless formally. The settlement consists from were folvarka, that is small landowner manor, on one party of road and pair - three also pre-war construction of houses of barrack-type type - on another. In barracks « at Germans » workers serving an economy, apparently, lived. And here with so-called « a mansion » the whole history. In direct and figurative senses.

East - Prussian Gesveten has got historical popularity almost two centuries ago (see « the Inquiry « ») . Abrupt turn in pastoral existence folvarka has happened in the winter of 1945 when the coming Red army fairly has hurt the roadside structure which owners ran together with armies vermahta. And as early as a year later there were also new owners. In April 1946 - go the truck - polutorka has landed the big family of immigrants. Won soldier Fedot Korsakov has decided to locate on the earth with which has watered own cow, together with the wife and five children. The sixth child was born already here.

to Immigrants have allowed a loan, truth, providently without having handed out money that the family has not jerked back to Russia. Given under habitation   hozpostrojka and a shed have been dilapidated. To combine there the furnace and to make the most necessary repair new owners hardly were in time by the winter, and the notorious loan it was necessary to pay as early as years ten.

the Veteran of the Great Patriotic War has died in 1968. The widow has endured the spouse for 35 years. One year to her death, in 2002 - m, manor has been recognised by object of a cultural heritage.

Not only a cultural heritage

the Found high status was not reflected in any way in welfare of buildings which without due leaving continued to decay and collapse promptly. Till a time the well-known German good quality of construction rescued, but it was clear that without the active proprietor the object will soon turn to ashes. Rescue has come in the person « new Russian ». The Chernyakhovsk authorities only were glad to get rid of an excessive burden.

In June, 2004 picturesque ruins of manor were got by local businessman Muraz Mstojan. It, in turn, in February 2006 - go has resold the house to much more known businessman – to Victor Baturin, the son-in-law of Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov.


After Baturin`s divorce and Rudkovsky the manor has appeared in the list of the property arrested by court for which Yana applies.

In April, 2007 in settlement intensive repair, at last, has begun. And today the former sad ruins of manor simply not to learn: walls have updated, have brought under a roof, have inserted windows and doors, and not from the cheap. For certain the capital proprietor would be equipped here with comfort appropriate to its position, but family disorders have prevented. Rich after all too cry, moreover pogorshe poor wherefore that is that there is especially nothing to divide. And to Victor Nikolaevichu it was necessary many than to renounce in favour of already former spouse Yana Rudkovsky. That has demanded more than eight millions dollars of compensation. In the list of the property arrested by court there was also a manor ill-fated and not completed up to the end. It could cover a sum part, being exposed on the auctions at the initial price of five millions 600 thousand roubles. But Yana Aleksandrovne as have shown the further events, still it is necessary to be overcome for folvark, though now and not with the former husband.

it is absolutely unexpected for all on a scene there was one more pretender to a manor part. The oldest daughter of immigrant Fedota Korsakova, 76 - summer Pelageja Kozlova was converted into court with the claim about istrebovanii property from illicit possession and a recognition on it of the property rights as inheritance. For the main building of manor istitsa does not apply, the stranger it is not necessary to it. But here the second house appearing today in documents as an uninhabited building, and the former shed which is considered now a stable, would wish to return.                    

the Letter to the president

- Mum lived in the house almost to the most death in August, 2003, - tells Pelageja Fedotovna. - Only on last two - three months the sister the Belief took it to itself. 14 - go numbers mum has died, and on following put the house at us as now it is found out, have selected. And we at all did not know about it! The house did not throw, it was at us as   a summer residence (Kozlova lives in one of those houses that are located through road). The kitchen garden there was at us, the garden, cattle held, used a cellar. Wanted to repair capitally, but the construction superintendent has told that isolation is broken, and it is necessary to begin with the base, here and thought how to begin.

In April 2007 - go, on assurances of the pensioner, unknown people have partially disassembled the house and a shed, having thrown out all master`s things, and have started to make repair.    

Pelageja Fedotovna intends to pass all instances, up to Presidential Administration.
a photo: Victor GUSEJNOV

- At me of 16 hectares of the earth is, so I wanted to leave its and this house to nephews that not in a city lived, and here that the sort has proceeded, - Pelageja Fedotovna cries. – And here these rich suddenly appeared. What for they have chopped off our roots?

the Judge of Chernyakhovsk district court Leonid Nosov understanding this business, prefers to abstain from comments while the decision will not enter validity. But as appears from the acceptance report - transfers, mister Mstojan has got three buildings (among which and two disputable) with partially destroyed walls and the internal partitions, partially absent overlappings, without windows, doors, floors, sanitary technicians and electrotechnical devices. As people could live in such conditions, absolutely not clearly. However, the Russian people, as it is known, are extremely unpretentious …

in general, in court of the first instance istitsa Kozlova has suffered defeat – the claim to it it has been refused. But she also does not think to surrender. The appeal from it is already cunning in regional court. Besides, Pelageja Fedotovna has decided to write to president Dmitry Medvedev that the head of the state has personally understood. Knowing, what names appear in business, can, this hope of the pensioner not so and is fantastic?          

the INQUIRY « »

the Settlement Nagornoe has got popularity long before the beginning of judicial suit with Baturin and Rudkovsky. However, it has become history under the former name.

in the Spring of 1818 the well-known Russian commander Barclay - de - Tolli which were immensely tired after long-term continuous battles, has asked the Russian emperor about rest. Alexander I has agreed and even the general - the field marshal has supplied with the large sum of money. On the way on resorts of Carlsbad Michael Bogdanovich felt badly. The crew has stopped in Gesvetene where on May, 26th the captain of the host and has died. Its heart and an interior have taken and have buried on a place, and zabalzamirovannoe a body have sent in an entail property in territory of modern Estonia. There, where there was Barclay`s heart - de - Tolli, the monument has been built.