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Robbery on - moldavski : has stolen 5 thousand dollars - feed to their cow!

the history of this robbery has begun even in the summer of 2008 in Tarutinsky area of the Odessa area. And has come to the end literally one of these days — recognitions of predators and from a tacit consent « figurantki affairs » - cows. But about all one after another.

As informs a regional militian central board, on June, 25th, 2008 three predators have got into the house of the inhabitant of village Aleksandrovka in masks. The woman have beaten, have selected at it 9450 dollars, ornaments and documents on apartment.

it is natural, have filed criminal charges. The suspicious guy at once has got to number of suspects - Ivan, the inhabitant of Moldova who periodically came to the sister to Aleksandrovka.
and here after two years Ivan has arrived again to the relative. The guy have detained. It was necessary to it to confess in a perfect crime.

Without thinking twice, Ivan « has handed over » the accomplices. Brothers of the guy - 30 - summer Oleg and 22 - summer Sergey have appeared them. These two earned additionally on building in Odessa so it is literally in their hour it was possible to detain.
then guys have told absolutely ticklish story. Have plundered, left in a court yard, money has divided, without considering, and has dispersed. Ivan managed 2500 dollars, to the younger brother - 1500, to the senior - the rest.

The next day brothers have returned on a building site to Odessa. Sergey has spent on drink at once a part of money, treating all interested persons, and the next day the currency rest... At it have stolen at railway station.

And here Oleg had to have the present stress. The guy admitted that has hidden the part of money in a manger of a sisterly cowshed — has enclosed under a haystack. Next day it was waited by a surprise! The cow has eaten (!) the most part of money Together with a grass, and remained has defamed. It is natural, after that denominations were already on what are not similar!
the cow - burzhuj, peacefully sleeping on money, hardly has not lost life for the « a trick ». The guy wanted to kill a cow and to get money, but has regretted …

Tatyana Mereutsa with the husband saved money for the new house
the Photo: nr2. ru

it is competent

- Money from a cow can be taken, but surgical intervention for this purpose is necessary. The stomach of a cow shares on four branches, but to digest a paper it is not capable. The animal who has eaten a paper considerable quantity, very much suffers affliction. Money will turn in whom will not be digested. Cows eat often absolutely inedible things if they seem them attractive, and furthermore if they are near to their usual meal. To rescue denominations hardly it will be possible, though during 3 - 4 days it still is obviously possible. But washing of a stomach to an animal should be made, - has told to the correspondent « » managing stand of therapy of veterinary medicine of Savva Balanesku.  


« your Moldavian has appeared more cleverly ours »

to find out details « an incident » « has contacted the chief of department on public relations of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Odessa area Victor Miroshnichenko:
  - That I can tell? Your Moldavian has appeared more cleverly ours! It unique of brothers has spent the stolen money, and ours (did not specify who they on a nationality, can, too Moldavians, but live in Ukraine) money « profukali ». One brother has spent on drink them, another   and at all to a cow has fed! As to that, we communicated with the Moldavian policemen or not it is secrecy of the investigation. And how will punish? Yes who knows! There will be a court, degree of fault of each participant of a crime will be defined. While early to name even approximate terms.