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That was during a week

decade Marked now from the date of Andrey Tarkovsky`s death became quite fatal: in the end of December, 1986 it was difficult to imagine that century Russian spirituality will appear such transient. At all from enmity to Tarkovsky crafty pragmatists of that time, having armed with two evangelical citations - “ My other-wordly kingdom “ and “ render to God Bogovo, and the Caesar - kesarevo “ - have started to glorify terrestrial and low for the sake of capitalist work, certainly, without counting on too literal understanding of their words. But the success left so instant, however shattering. Tarkovsky`s cinema - spiritual throwings in style " has become today one of its victims just; the Stalker “ cause very respectful zevotu. Looking at similar metamorphoses, the newspaper “ Tomorrow “ and together with it and the democratic public vopijut about  destruction of culture though it is necessary to speak about its origin shy, on the contrary. The picture one of these days shown in the House of cinema, has to such careful optimism.
the documentary film about the father, made dvadtsatishestiletnim Andrey Tarkovsky - younger in the co-authorship with cousin Alexey Naidyonov, includes fragments from “ the Stalker “ “ Nostalgia “ and “ Sacrifices “ interview to the widow and the mother-in-law of the director and simple, but sincere offscreen comments. Sounded “ the Night service “ house shootings, probably, against the will of founders, have absorbed not only Rakhmaninov`s music, but also extensive film citations. All was dissolved in frankness of a family album: “ the Stalker “ and “ Nostalgia “ became an accessory home art, instead of world culture.
Tarkovsky`s who has come on a press the son - conference, has appeared on - foreign the washed intelligent young man with good large lines. It was found out that he lives for a long time in Florence and studies archeology of the Near East at local university. Tragically vzyskujushchaja Andrey Tarkovsky`s tendency on the East has turned back quiet, scientific validity of his son for certain fairly formed, very modest, very qualitative, very any; distinct in each word, forced, strained, frequently insipid and always high speech of the father - speech as that; exclusive pretsedentnost - a normal stream. It is possible to name it a platitude, but pathosly having added that it the same guarantor of culture, as middle class - a civil society.
Andrey Tarkovsky - younger in vain underlined before journalists heart-felt natural russkost: and its kind - not that what from the Florentine gardens, but anyway from the Florentine campus, - and shown on the screen home art definitely testified to the return. It not our platitude. We, however, happens and is more remarkable.
Here it is necessary to begin from apart and again with Tarkovsky. Marking anniversary of death of its favourite actor - Alexander Kajdanovsky, - friends - painters suited in gallery Intercolor an exhibition - sale of the products. The obtained money should go on a monument Kajdanovsky, on a film about it and the book of memoirs. Many known Moscow artists participate in the action - Tatyana Nazarenko, Anna Birshtejn, Sergey Sherstjuk, - which works to discuss now is inappropriate: the situation has no to speak anything, except the good. But about one picture exposed now in Intercolor to tell very much even it is possible.
“ Birthday “ Natalias Nesterovoj it is remarkable both on drawing, and on a composition, and in details, and especially as a whole, and, the most important thing, on thought. In old regime apartment the modern bohemia sits at an old regime table, marvellously accrete with space, to it initially alien. Binding there is a water-melon brilliantly twirled in a composition and as a sacral fruit mysteriously united people and things, - participants of a meal with obytovlennym past: ordinary Nikolaev chairs; a bust on a dresser, whether Roman, whether Russian, but most likely rimsko - Russian; and sapunovskimi dolls in the heart of the second room. Sending to Leonardo in one of figures does an event strange considerable, and all together turns if not in “ the Last Supper “ in the catalogue of the Moscow intellectual taste: Pushkin, Russian antiquity, Leonardo and, at last, a rag modernist style where - that absolutely on a distance shot.
even the most vulnerable in a picture - is worthy - rather dirty “ postserovskaja “ “ falkovskaja “ painting and that works on the whole: the intellectual taste traditionally choosing in Russia all greyish and orphaned, seemingly, to it is for ever true. As a matter of fact Nesterov has given the formula of Russian cultural platitude, like gone out of use, but as it is found out, on - former vivifying. Intelligent hardness from which the artist insists on the present of the past, costs any kontsepta, today invariably languid and is resolute in itself uncertain.
however, beneficial force of a platitude not is absolute value in the history of arts, and not only in it. Of it has reminded event which, unlike Nesterovoj and Tarkovsky - younger, has drawn to itself national attention: last “ the Person in a mask “ Vladimir Pozner, as well as any transfer of this cycle, the highest rating had.
this time the guy who has given on service to the childhood has appeared the person who was frank from - under masks, reketirskogo type. The concrete field chosen by it poverglo a hall in shock: The guy rescues juvenile boys from fatal street and street from fatal boys, attaching them to well-founded homosexuals and being absolutely assured of the beneficence. Neither Pozner, nor the experts invited by it, gathered on telezapis public - anybody, of course, has not divided this confidence. But another is more interesting.
the guy repeating that it not the souteneur, and the volunteer, obviously, told truth. And its indignant hall in it could not shake. Behind actions of the guy there was a certain world order which it is possible to name criminal or if want, ellinskim: eventually the person in a mask treated problems of education in the spirit of classical Athenes - the youth growing there occurred in the similar image. Behind indignation of a hall no world order existed: only vague feeling something injust and what exactly - it is not clear. Whether and only one Pozner during any moment has taken an interest, prays the guy to God, but, having heard the unintelligible answer, has there and then closed not too telegenic theme. And that to tell, the answer to paganism, equally Athenian and criminal, there was a coming of Gospodne - a role in which the TV presenter to act not from a hand.
anyhow, in last transfer “ the Person in a mask “ the mighty paganism took victorious upwards over deeply amorphous platitude - the household Christian morals for a long time indifferent to those, what for the Savior in general came. “ the Russian project “ with its whining alkogolicheskoj dushevnostju, having replaced both the New testament, and Shabby, an echo has responded in all advertising, that is in daily human experiences - in the girl, dreaming to get married only in a temple of the Christ of the Savior, yes in the old man - frontovichke which, translating a sweet sight with suvorovtsev on the same HHS, a toothless mouth whispers: “ Store you the Lord “.
“ My other-wordly kingdom “ - the Christ has told.