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the Peruvian authorities have not followed the tastes of terrorists

Yesterday the Peruvian government has refused to fulfil requirements of terrorists from the organisation Revolutionary movement of a name of Tupaka Amaru grasped in the evening on December, 17th in Japanese embassy in Lima about 400 hostages. Terrorists, in particular, want, that the authorities have released from the prison about 500 their associates. This requirement has been rejected, and terrorists have promised from now on to start to shoot hostages.
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It is killed zamgendirektora timber industry concern
In Ust - Ilimske is killed the assistant to the general director of local timber industry concern 43 - summer Alexander Burtov. According to the chairman of incorporated trade-union committee UILPK, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Alexey Lukina, yesterday in apartment Burtova the unknown person has called. When the owner has opened a door, come has shot at it three times. On one of versions of the investigation, it was custom-made murder. The day before - Ilimske has passed board meeting UILPK on which the enterprise economic situation, in particular, debts of buyers for shipped production was discussed in Ust.
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the Fire in Moscow
Yesterday in Moscow on 2 - j to Lykovsky street has occurred a fire at the gasoline station belonging to joint-stock company Transservice . According to management of fire-prevention protection of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of capital, two ten-ton capacities with gasoline burnt, the fire area has made nearby 80 2. As there was an explosion threat, on a fire 18 fire-engines have been sent. Fire extinguished by means of special broneshchita which protected firemen from fire. Work became complicated that the nearest source of water was on distance 1,5 - 2 km. Nearby 16. 00 fire has been completely liquidated. Explosion has not occurred, victims are not present. The ignition reason is established.

the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has lost suit
the Tver intermunicipal court of Moscow has rejected the claim about the honour and dignity protection, shown to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to the assistant to the president of Russia George Satarov. Satarov`s public statements to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation during presidential election campaign became the claim basis. Lawyers of the respondent - Yury Schmidt and Yury Platonov - have rejected attempts of the defender from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the State Duma Yury Ivanov to prove presence in words of the assistant to the president of any data, the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation discrediting reputation .

Attempt at the head of administration
In a city Slates of Leningrad region attempt of attempt at the head of local administration Jacob Bogdanova has been made. According to the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Bogdanov, coming back from work, has found out in a door of the apartment the grenade RGD established on an extension - 5. The workers who have arrived on a call gorvoenkomata have neutralised an explosive.

the Crystal accuse of fictitious export of alcohol
As the head of department on struggle against customs offences of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation Michael Vanin has informed yesterday, the Moscow factory the Crystal it is convicted of fictitious export of alcoholic production. Check of foreign trade activities of factory has shown that quite often production the Crystal Declared as export, border does not cross and further factory gate does not leave. During check the fictitious export contract on $5 million From the point of view of customs offences of wine of factory not has been revealed so is great, as export duties are cancelled. However, according to Michael Vanin, from the point of view of the internal taxation, in particular collection of the VAT, infringement are obvious.

the adviser of the government of Dagestan
Employees of the government of Dagestan Has disappeared have extended the statement that the head of group of advisers of the chairman of the government Vladimir Elzon is stolen. In the evening on December, 18th Elzon left the house in shop and after that it nobody saw. However, this information yet has not confirmed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan which has declared that the fact of disappearance is not fixed by bodies . Colleagues Elzona assume that abduction is connected with its office activity. In government Elzon supervised economic problems, including distribution of budgetary resources and currency receipts.