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TV next week

New year Approaches. It means that is very fast in each house the elegant fur-tree, a masquerade, celebratory jokes and draws will come. And though solemn fight of the Kremlin chiming clock will be distributed in ten days, the carnival spirit was established on a TV screen already now. I warn: it is necessary to read the teleposter of the next seven days so as if you have already drunk the first glass of champagne and with impatience expect, when the main hours of the country will give you a signal to drink the second. Only in this case, for example, it is possible to identify Arnold Schwarzenegger who will appear on screens twice and both times in absolutely unusual quality. In a film Oat-flakes in New York (1970, rezh. Arthur A.Zejdelman, Friday, TV - 6) iron Arni Arnold Strong, and in a television remake of a romantic comedy of semicentenial prescription " debuted under a pseudonym; Christmas on Connecticut (1992, Tuesday, ORT) has acted only as the director. The creative imagination of the beefiest man of a planet has not moved further that in the first case to be renamed in Strong and in the second - to remove snow-covered Connecticut in ecologically faultless scenery of one of national parks, but, as it is known, on the eve of New year there are things even less explainable. The evening aether of ORT concerns the category of the neolearnt miracles on Thursday also. Ours the Tough nut (1968, rezh. Teodor Vulfovich) has not something in common with the American namesake by heart learnt by admirers of Bruce Willis and owners of the first videorecorders - the eccentric comedy made in year of flower revolution and the Prague spring, persistently tells about education of feelings of the future builders of communism. In the same degree do not answer the name and Rooks (1982, rezh. Konstantin Ershov), flown in a teleether of whole two times - on Monday on ORT and on Friday on TV - 6. For the Soviet film of the beginning 80 - h, reconstructing circumstance of real criminal case, such open space seems excessive, however it is necessary to remember that to Leonid Filatovu who has played it of one of brothers - murderers, on Thursday 50 years are executed. I join chorus of congratulations, on exhaustive completeness formulated in one more film with participation of the good actor - in Success (1984, rezh. Konstantin Khudyakov, Tuesday, TV - 6) Filatov has played the capital director putting on periphery Chekhovian the Seagull . The further film repertoire of week develops and supplements atmosphere of magic night. In it is magnificent hichkokovsky a thriller the Lady disappears (1939, environment) and made on its stops the Charade (1963, Friday) Stenli Donena (both films of TV - 6 as usual shows early in the morning but to settle with its scores on the eve of New year simply it would not be desirable). Almost a management to celebratory entertainments the name of a picture of Nicolas Roega " sounds; And now do not look (1973, Sunday, TV - 6). The history of the artist involved in a circle of deadly predictions, truth, not too has to a relaxation, but the Double (1995, rezh. Arthur Gural and Alexey Majstrenko) which on Saturday presents Petersburg hides behind rigid contours kidnepping - the insurgent mifopoeticheskuju tradition of national Ukrainian school. As to direct gifts to a New Year`s table here, certainly, NTV is in the lead. Obviously advancing time, the independent television twists all the week long a film serial about adventures of fine Anzheliki. I will remind that director Bernard Borderi has broken Anna`s cult novel and Serzha Galon into following chapters: Anzhelika, the marchioness of angels (1964, Tuesday), Magnificent Anzhelika (1965, environment), Anzhelika and the king (1966, Thursday), Unrestrained Anzhelika (1967, Friday), Anzhelika and the sultan (1968, Saturday), and Michel Merse, years dementing all Soviet teenagers and men, will be executed on January, 1st, alas, 57 years. Perhaps, therefore display of a love film epopee of NTV anticipates Vudi Allen`s film Other woman (1988, Monday) - the sad story that stresses, and feelings overtake passions at any age. Perhaps, too it is necessary to think of it on New Year`s Eve. However, before its approach still there is time.