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12 regions threaten the budget

the First approach

extremely peaceful conditions in which the government has started to discuss the budget of 1997 with regions - have already passed special meetings in Voronezh and Ekaterinburg, - yesterday has been broken. The governor of Yaroslavl region, the president of Inter-regional association the Central Russia Anatoly Lisitsin has rigidly declared that governors will not support a present variant of the budget.

Bewilderment has stirred up all public. The budget does not answer those promises which have been declared by the president during election campaign. There there are no social reference points - has unexpectedly energetically begun yesterday`s a press - conference Anatoly Lisitsin who, of course, criticised the budget and at meeting in Voronezh, but it is far not so sharply. The governor has explained the position simply: On one of the main pre-election pledges - the federal program of building of habitation The house - it is allocated only 1 trln rbl., and it in any way will not provide possibility for each family to obtain the credit under house building on 20 - 30 years. it is political blasting of pre-election ideas - he has concluded.
besides, in its opinion, in the budget actually it is not allocated means for the maintenance of establishments of social sphere which are now transferred from balance of the enterprises to balance of local budgets. It has increased a share of social expenses in local budgets with former 10 to 33 % from an account part, therefore, according to the governor, allocated in the budget on these purposes 9 trln roubles will not suffice. All it, according to the governor, specifies in necessity of increase in social expenses of the budget at least on 10 - 15 %. the Budget does not maintain any criticism, - Lisitsin has declared. - And we in such variant will not accept it . Thus for The 12 central regions it was charged, asserting that speaks from their name, and as to the others, that, by its estimation, 70 % of governors while do not support the budget and are going to defend the point of view. As Lisitsin has informed, at association session has been decided to collect a round table governors of Russia, and the organisation of this action have charged to Yury Luzhkov.
it would be possible to name a situation standard - as usual, regions demand to increase an account part of the budget. However there are basic differences from all that was earlier. Lisitsin, as well as many governors, despite sometimes loud criticism of the budget, supports its rigid concept. He has directly declared to the correspondent: it is necessary to Live on means . Reserves, in its opinion, it is necessary to find within the limits of the basic budgetary indicators, or having redistributed money between items in the budget, or having raised efficiency of use of budgetary funds. In particular, it is possible to differentiate children`s allowances which according to the legislation are given now without the family income. The governor results the proof of the correctness from own practice: introduction of differentiation of these payments in Yaroslavl region has allowed to cut down expenses on grants with 60 to 18 mlrd roubles.