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The astrological forecast

Saturday, on December, 21st


This day resolutely differs from previous two. Also differs to the worst. For work it does not approach categorically. And consequently stars will not object at all if you use this Saturday for good fruitful rest.
to irrepressible enthusiasts who and cannot live day without work, it is possible to advise to be engaged only in something simple and quiet - to disassemble papers, to check up accounts. Do not try to adjust at all relations with business partners - they most likely will misunderstand you, and even at all will refuse to co-operate with you henceforth. Especially it threatens born under signs on the Maiden, the Sagittarius or the Capricorn.
in planet business will patronise today unless to Tauruses. To whom is to whom, and it it is possible without fear to come to work.
Meetings are better be not to collecting, and in general to discuss questions of strategic planning it is not recommended.
do not address with any personal requests (especially material character) neither to the heads, nor to the financial patrons. Otherwise you receive flat refusal.
large transactions are unequivocally doomed today to a failure. At all do not conclude contracts - they will be absolutely unpromising.
in addition to everything, it is not excluded that you will persistently try to deceive. So be more attentive, and first of all with unfamiliar or not inspiring to you of trust people. It first of all concerns those who was born under signs on the Aries or Aquarius.
the meeting with new people in general this day good does not promise anything. The casual acquaintances fastened in present Saturday can turn back for you in the future almost accident.
But it will be very good, if today you visit the doctor, at least as friendly visit. If you remember that health it is necessary to care of the sometimes, it will be absolutely remarkable. It is possible to visit the masseur, to go to pool or to work in a gym.
protection of planets will be received by those who with all the heart will indulge in the deserved rest. Perfectly will pass friendly parties and secular actions. We will remind only what to have a rest better all - taki with familiar people and not to get casual communications.
Lions, Cancers and Scales will well spend this Saturday.