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Italians have praised colleagues from Gaza...

Open Society GAS the delegation of experts of concern FIAT has visited. According to some information, the parties have discussed creation prospect on Gaza assembly manufacture of Italian cars FIAT. As the adviser of the president Gaza Gennady Suvorov has informed, representatives of two companies have exchanged opinions on a condition and prospects of development of a car market of the former USSR. According to Suvorov, Italians with interest have familiarised with the program of the transformations which are carried out on Gaza, and have given an appreciation to recently created capacities on manufacture of utility trucks the Gazelle .

... And the European Reconstruction and Development Bank has decided to give to them of money
on December, 20th in London the credit agreement on $85 million between the European Reconstruction and Development Bank and joint-stock company " is signed; GAS . The agreement in which frameworks modernisation of manufacture of cars GAS - 3110 is provided, is calculated for ten years. For the first time so large credit for development of motor industry of Russia is given without the governmental guarantees.
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the Russian Open Society UES of Russia discontentedly plans of Ministry of Economics
the President of the company Anatoly Djakov has declared that neither the board of directors, nor board of the Russian Open Society will not support the project of Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation providing division of the company. According to this project, allocation from Russian Open Society structure " is supposed; EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY the Central dispatching management, and also the independent legal bodies who are engaged in manufacture and transportation of the electric power. Thereby branch demonopolization will be carried out. However, according to Anatoly Djakova, the first result of division of the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY There would be heavy social consequences. Experts of the Russian Open Society consider that owing to isolation of regional power supply systems there will be a sharp increase in tariffs at the electric power, mass switching-off of consumers - defaulters and decrease in reliability of power supply during 4 - 5 next years. Besides, the president of the Russian Open Society has expressed bewilderment concerning that, as it is possible to throw out on sale of 8,5 % of shares of company and simultaneously to have conversation on Russian Open Society division . He also has told that the decision of the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation to spend specialised monetary auction on this share holding is not clear, having ignored Russian Open Society offers EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY on development of the market of own actions.
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KIA Motors wants to land in Crimea
South Korean concern KIA Motors suggests Ukraine to adjust in Feodosiya manufacture of specialised cars, the minister of mechanical engineering, VPK and the industries of Ukraine Valery Malev has informed. As he said, the firm suggests to adjust manufacture of cars first aid trucks of small load-carrying capacity, motor-vehicles for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is supposed that manufacture will be created on base feodosijskogo associations the Sea where the separate case will be for this purpose allocated. According to Maleva, for the organisation of manufacture of cars on the basis of factory the joint venture into which besides KIA Motors and the Ukrainian party will enter avstrijsko - the Swiss financial group which name is not disclosed yet will be created.

Hearings about merge Ericsson and Nokia are strongly exaggerated
the European business world last three days briskly discusses possible merge of two telecommunication giants - Swedish Ericsson and Finnish Nokia Oy. In spite of the fact that the companies do not make comments on these hearings, the stock market already has reacted to them - stock quotes of both companies have sharply jumped up. Analysts are assured that even if two companies and were going to unite, the Commission of EU would not resolve the transaction as it would mean antimonopoly law infringement - the incorporated company could supervise completely the cellular communication market in Spain, Italy, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries.

the YUKOS has confirmed plans for the next year
Yesterday in Moscow has passed session of board of directors NK the YUKOS which has confirmed priority lines of activity and the forecast of development of the company in next year. Production costs as a whole on realisation of the full it is industrial - a marketing cycle will make 19,2 trln rbl., and incomes of production realisation - 20,37 bln. oil extracting Volume is planned at 32,6 million level, or 93,2 % from expected extraction of this year. From total of oil of 20,6 million t the YUKOS will put on NPZ Russia (including 19,6 million t - on own) and 11,8 million t - for export. Currency receipts from export should make $1232 million oil refining Volume is planned to finish to 21,6 million t that on 17,3 % more than in 1996. In 1997 the assortment developed on NPZ the companies of gasolines will be essentially improved - the share vysokooktanovyh will exceed 30 % from total amount of their manufacture. For the first time 250 thousand development t diesel fuel with the maintenance is planned 0,05 % are grey. The Board of directors has confirmed the concept of development of petrochemical manufactures and has approved the basic directions of development of own electropower supply sources. At session the decision to call extraordinary meeting of shareholders NK YUKOS is accepted on February, 19th, 1997. Its agenda is not defined yet.
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