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the Theatrical library has entered the second century

Was executed hundred years to the Central scientific library of the Union of theatrical figures. When - that book meeting of the Russian theatrical society totaled a little more than three hundreds volumes. For a century it has grown to six hundred thousand units of storage. Evening in the Central house of the actor has been devoted anniversary of library. Library and its director Vyacheslav Nechaeva congratulated Sergey Jursky, Evgenie Vesnik, Boris Messerer, Boris Lvov - Anokhin, Grigory Gorin, Julia Rutberg. And Anatoly Smelyansky on behalf of historians of theatre and specialists in drama study so directly also admitted: We exist, while there is this library .
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the Tsarina of a fashion was on friendly terms with Kennedy and argued from Chanel
In a columned hall of the House of the Unions the first has taken place gala - display of a collection of the tsarina of a fashion 60 - h years, Russian princess Irina Golitsynoj - Medici, left during revolution together with mother to Italy. In Russia Golitsynoj - Medici very few people knows about activity, but in the world it rather the celebrated personality. Among its clients there were first ladies and cinema stars with whom it supported not only business, but also friendly relations. On presentation of a collection to journalists again have reminded of Irina Golitsynoj`s friendship with Jacqueline Kennedy, Sofia Loren, to Klaudiej the Cardinal, Gretoj Garbos and Elizabeth Taylor who the first have estimated its advantages well-known pigiama palazzo (now the most part of these models are stored in New York in Metropolitan Museum and in London in Victoria and Albert Museum). Golitsyn`s loud glory has reached thanking these laconic and very convenient complete sets - with aristocratic ease it has transformed traditional house pigiama into refined evening dresses (models from a personal collection have been presented by Golitsynoj in retrospective display in Moscow). Remembering the recent past, in conversation with an observer of a fashion Irina Golitsyn - Medici has noticed that its style and attachment to Russian traditions and even a manner to work on - russki it is wide caused not only admiration of admirers, but also open hostility of colleagues. So, visited with curiosity to Golitsyn Gabriel Chanel, according to the princess, was rather razdrazhena its ecstasy work - visit great the Mademoiselle has had for that time when the princess clambered on ladders, personally checking readiness of lighting devices for shooting of its models. Apparently she has considered me as the madwoman, - the princess remembers, - has told that the woman under no circumstances should not so to conduct . Chanel Golitsynoj has advised to leave an arduous toil of the fashion designer for the sake of more secular employment and has left. After many years of Golitsyn, opening the next boutique in Russia, remembers this meeting with a smile: I have taken place in a fashion just because never paid attention to opinion of others, preferring to build the life and to do the affairs in compliance with own sights and desires .
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the PHOTO, the PHOTO, the PHOTO!!!!

There were all of us Saratov ...
In Dome Hanzhonkova the presentation of the unusual edition - the Saratov film dictionary which prepared by employee Gosfilmofonda of Russia by Evgenie Barykinym and has been let out thanks to assistance of producer Miroslavy Segidy and firm " has taken place; the Double - D . At first sight the similar reference book can seem a product of the unduly patriotically set up local authorities (like already would wish to publish the same film dictionaries nizhegorodtsy and ekaterinburzhtsy). However, attentively studying the list of names in the Saratov film dictionary, there it is possible to find out not only born in Saratov and its vicinities of actors Ivan Mozzhuhina, Boris Andreeva, Boris Babochkina, Vitaly Doronin, Sergey Filippova, Evgenie Lebedev, Sergey Plotnikova, Oleg Tabakova, Valery Zaklunnuju, Vladimir Konkina, Evgenie Mironov, Xenia Kachalinu, directors Alexey Popova, Alexander Zguridi, Vladislav Mikoshu, Nikolay Dostalja - the senior, composers of Venedikta Pushkova, Alfreda Shnitke, but also working in Saratov in different years Vasily Kachalov, Vladimir Gardina, Abram Rooma, Vaclav Dvorzhetsky, Nina Alisovu, Yury Kajurova, Lydia Tolmachyov, Oleg Yankovsky. And destinies of several more known figures of theatre and cinema have been anyhow connected with the Volga region. Actually the Saratov film dictionary opens prospect of the editions, called to testify that the Russian culture and in particular a cinema are obliged by much provinces, and not just to capitals - to Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
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the Information note Preliminary ball about final gala - a competition concert the Maya published in yesterday`s newspaper number, has been wrongly signed by Tatyana Kuznetsovoj`s name. Though the ballet critic Tatyana Kuznetsova really is the constant author of a strip of culture, to illumination of evening in the Bolshoi theatre it had no relation.