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The gallery of characters

On merits

So, Gallery of characters gives a final volley. We celebrate winners - those who in 1996 has caused in us admiration.

we will not divide winners on nominations. We will not give prizes. Let all will be subjective and is biassed - but, anyway, fairly.
as the first winner we name our old friend Sergey Sholokhov who has collected at restaurant Teatro the most brilliant party of year. it will be anniversary: ` to the Silent house ` 5 years of 9 months and 13 days are executed. All will come, here will see - Sholokhov for a day when not still visitors have been invited spoke and not all was ready. All has turned out instantly - there was at first Sholokhov with Pugachevoj at the left and Zajtsevym on the right, behind them pospeshali Zhirinovsky, Shumejko, Borovoj, Valery Novodvorsky, Sotkilava, only 500 persons. Serezhenka, an angel! Simply you live in Petersburg and have not had time to spoil here with anybody the relation - one well-known girlfriend has told to Sholokhov, and he to it on it has only grinned.
other award, but too the first, is awarded to secular princess Julia Vishnevskaya who this year has opened the Museum of unique dolls. Under Rozhdestvo Juha as its friends call, celebrates in Savoe the d/ r also promises display of doll clothes on small (that is on Liliputians).
Among the girls working in the field of PR, too there are beauties and clear heads. Public face of the company Crocus and our winner Tatyana Stoljarsky is young and fine, but thus perfectly knows the business. And if you yet have not bought a jacket from Istante by Versace, - means, soon buy.
one more hero - Sergey Bodrov - ml. - has lighted up Gallery of characters the modest character and pure talent. It has received on a Kinotavr The prize for Best Actor, has acted in film already in three pictures, but till now we sometimes meet him in the underground and with surprise we see: Bodrov - the junior has not changed at all. And for it the award is handed over to it.
Russian model Nadja Vasileva has already received one award from one magazine: British FHM has included the Russian beauty in TOP - 10 sexy girls of Europe and was not mistaken. but if it begin learn too often in the street, it it takes simple both will return to Moscow and will work again as the teacher at school - wrongly hopes FHM. Will not return. Will not be. But all of us equally award a victory to the girl with is black - white poster Martini.
the Favourite of the Moscow journalists and models, the ideologist of Russian DIESEL Vova Zharnikov now again in Italy, where his wife and the son. But will soon return and will arrange powerful fashion - show. For the best show we also appoint its winner.
Its colleague on the Moscow fashionable industry, wonderful Nastja Lomakin, extends in Russia another fashion - ideology - GAS. Russia from GAS already perfectly knows clothes, but now at our winner Nasti other problem: absolutely there is no time to come into club Cinema and to meet the good friend Dmitry Haratjanom. We wish it it from the bottom of the heart.
in Crew to Vasily Lavrovu all fans of a local fireplace on New Year`s Eve are. But not only for Crew we award Vasily Andreevicha. Career of the lyrical hero, the guy with a guitar, the priest - an idol this year has gone right to it rather and rather. Congratulations and best wishes.
to One more our winner, stylist Shevchyuk, it was executed thirty, but he almost has not noticed it: the day before d/ r and after it he selflessly worked, drawing people of the person and composing images. Nevertheless a party SH - ZO in club Cinema Have visited also Lima (with Andrey), and Alla (with Phillip), and Anzhelika (Varum), and Renata (Litvinova) left in celebratory display in a role of the bride, showering with itself with chrysanthemum petals.
other heroes of Gallery of characters - group " arranged this display; VZHIK as a part of two Russian girls and one Cyprian guy. Having shown on ALBOmode - 96 excellent dresses which have appeared to the person to heroes of new time, Vzhiki became kings of avant-guard - and our winners.
foreign heroes at us two.
you have already understood that one of them will be couturier Olivier Lapidus, subdued in Moscow one thousand girls and women and one thousand more left in perplexity. It becomes the winner in a private nomination of heroes - lovers, but thus keeps fidelity to itself and the Parisian bride.
other heroine too is obvious. We very much like a top - model of Stella Tennant, the round-shouldered queen of a world podium who so was successfully fell in love to Karl Lagerfeld (and to all house Chanel); well, can be, next year we and it will make our winner. Let only will arrive to Moscow.
but has already returned to Moscow from foreign wanderings the manager of an entertainment complex the Blizzard Nonna Shatova, our muse and the constant reader. Its victory - in a victory Blizzards : time there - all loudest secular events, means, we were not mistaken.
and, at last, the alternative heroine of Gallery of characters - Ms. - Gallery ` 96, di - dzhej Maksimum Mitrofanova Radio. If you when - nibud take in head to call it home there you will be met by a friendly answering machine which a voice Mitrofanovoj of 55 consecutive times with different intonation will repeat chik - chirik (sometimes getting off on chirik - chik - chik ) . Politely having listened to a sparrow song, write down to it something in the same spirit. She will answer you on air.
and next year we will tell to you something new.