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Marketing problems the Autovase

Ten has become green to 22 thousand

On this week a press - the centre the Autovase has extended the vigorous statement for mass demand for the tenth model the Zhiguli . According to the general director of department of marketing and joint-stock company servicing Autovases Alexander Zibareva, despite gloomy forecasts, VAZ - 2110 it is already claimed in the market . Has decided to check up, whether so it.

Correspondents have visited one of the largest autoshops of Tolyatti - the Zhiguli belonging to car centre Tolyatti - VAZ . On sale there is only VAZ - 21053 at the price of 28,6 million rbl. and VAZ - 21061 for 29,5 million roubles. According to the director of shop Konstantin Bezlepkina, these models are on sale worst of all. C wheels There is VAZ - 21072 with polutoralitrovym the engine, a five-speed transmission and soft salon, and also the four . And from front-wheel models - VAZ - 21093, the plan on which manufacture Autovases this year has ahead of schedule executed and now almost does not ship this car. 99 - I the model is on sale very badly. probably, because those who wanted her to buy until recently, wait ` to ten ` - Bezlepkin considers. However a situation with sale VAZ - 2110 it named difficult. One month ago to ten did not buy. After the beginning of an advertising campaign and reduction of price with 68 to 55 - 56 million rbl. the car began to take. Now deliveries from factory are not present, though Bezlepkin considers that till the end of the year he could sell one thousand ten . At the same time he has noted numerous defects VAZ - 2110 - them, by its calculations, about forty. Basically it is problems with a body and any nesoprjazhenija .
Arise also nesoprjazhenija other. At competition of professional skill passing recently in Tolyatti spetsavtotsentrov VAZ VAZ - 2110 - 06 with the two-litre engine, transmission, a check point and Opel steering has been shown workers. According to Bezlepkina, in the near future the factory plans to let out 2,5 thousand such cars in cost on $22 thousand Difficultly to understand, what for has been thought up to let out the next hybrid at the price for which it is possible to buy Volvo - 460 or to Skoda steam.
as a whole an agiotage around VAZ - 2110 in Tolyatti does not reflect an objective situation in a car market. In a city where it is located Autovases those who cannot get the car through dealers in the regions traditionally come or wants to buy them at lower price. So available demand on to ten considering modest volumes of its manufacture, cannot be an indicator defining real market capacity of this model.
Confirms it a situation in Samara where VAZ - 2110 is on sale badly though local dealers mark extraordinary for December increase of sales volumes almost all vazovskih cars. Usually demand falling, including in connection with reduction of quantity of secondhand dealers from other regions (Siberia, Ural Mountains, the Far North) which in cross-country conditions have no possibility to overtake cars in the winter is observed. Now demand accrues. Dealers explain it prospects of introduction of the law About counteraction to legalisation (washing up) of the incomes received by an illegal way hearings about currency reform and a situation round bankruptcy the Autovase . But also now dealers do not hasten to offer to ten . The anonymous source in one of the firms, trading vazovskimi cars, has declared that the factory in the form of an order imposes to ten instead of the cars declared in orders VAZ - 21099. While in Samara VAZ - 2110 individual sellers trade. The majority waits, when the model will be finished to mind. And in joint-stock company Samara - the Harmony have informed that VAZ - 2110 will ship only that who has technical and repair bases. It is connected with necessity of correction of defects ten .

Though VAZ to me the friend, with Uzbeks to be on friendly terms more cheaply
And in Moscow from tens simply wave away. The interrogated dealers consider that the buyer will prefer to this car, having paid in addition a little, a similar foreign car. The general director LogoVAZ JUly Oaks has declared: We do not sell VAZ - 2110. To us it is not clear, how the market reacts to this model, what its market potential. Certainly, in Moscow it is possible to sell two ten any cars for any price. But to begin large sales as the project demanding preparation and large expenses... Excuse. It is said that ` ten ` goes to provinces. But I know that there at two adjoining dealers of business go very much on - to a miscellaneous. With ` in ten ` we while are engaged no more than two months. The factory does not impose it to us also such rights has no. And we never makes decisions on the beginning it is sold any model, without having spent a minimum semi-annual preparation .
So, from words of Dubova the position " is clear; LogoVAZ : such goods of our efforts are not necessary. Besides now main vazovsky the dealer is very occupied. In November LogoVAZ the beginnings sale of several models of Daewoo of manufacture uzbeksko - the Korean joint venture UzDEU at the prices from $7,5 thousand to $15,4 thousand Under the message the Prime - TASS made in Uzbekistan of Daewoo are considered as the Uzbek goods and on them privileges on payment of the customs payments, provided for the CIS countries extend. The corresponding instructions are let out by the Russian State Customs Committee on December, 19th. Means, the prices will be lowered. Now LogoVAZ and UzDEU Prepare for signing of documents under two projects. The first provides joint investments into creation into Russia networks of car repair shops of cars. The second project assumes the organisation in Russia manufactures of completing Daewoos which now arrive from Korea. And it too promises reduction of price and direct threat of the same to ten . Cars will suffice - designed capacity of factory UzDEU makes 200 thousand cars a year.