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ElAZ collects jeeps

the Brazilian Chevrolet - Blazer with the Tatar accent

In Elabuge it is begun otvertochnaja assemblage of cars of Chevrolet - Blazer. The corporation of General Motors should be grateful arrived on this ceremony accompanied by a considerable quantity of journalists to Victor Tchernomyrdin and Anatoly Chubays (about their visit to Tatarstan the material see p. 3) - it is possible to dream of the best advertising of production only. Meanwhile manufacture on ElAZe represents fixture of bumpers, headlights, assemblage of armchairs and arrangement of an interior of a jeep. To the middle of 1997 ElAZ plans to leave for monthly release of 500 cars. In two years it is promised to 50 thousand a year. There is a new car $24 thousand

Chevrolet name is very fast - Blazer we will translate into Russian, truth, with the Tatar accent, as the Russian family car - has joked in Elabuge during assemblage of the first jeep Anatoly Chubays. However he has refused to participate in symbolical arrival. As well as one year ago, in a cabin of a new jeep with number 001 there was a tandem Tchernomyrdin - Shaymiev. Having gone round the case of assemblage, premieres - the minister has passed to congratulations, solemnly having proclaimed elabuzhsky Blazer the big beginning and the big victory . General director ElAza Ravil Zaripov was where more modestly and has declared only that does not intend to recede from the joint project of ElAZ - GM under no circumstances.
while in Elabugu 120 complete sets of cars have arrived. All of them on the move however without bumpers and headlights look funny, more reminding the car which have repaired and have prepared for painting. Delivery of jeeps from Brazil was carried out on water to the Finnish port Kotka. There containers with cars have been overloaded in railway cars and sent in Elabugu. It is expected that the following party of complete sets will arrive to Tatarstan in the beginning of January. Otvertochnaja assemblage is begun on ElAZe in the so-called case of small series. What represents process of assemblage?
on each car 208 elements (besides bumpers, headlights and seats this number includes many trifles - emblems, various fastenings, handles and so forth) are established . All will be made in 73 operations on assemblage of the car and 10 operations on assemblage of seats (a skeleton, foam rubber and a fabric bring in Elabugu separately). Labour input of the general assemblage will make 4,2 cheloveko - hour. The question with marks of cars (meaning the country - the manufacturer) is not solved yet. According to the director of department of the information and ElAza Yury Martynova`s control, on the arrived jeeps of number of bodies will be peremarkirovany. Further all complete sets from Brazil will come without registration number, and the Russian marks will be put on a pure surface.
It is supposed that otvertochnaja Chevrolet assemblage - Blazer will last on ElAZe about two years. In this time promise to start the second turn stankoinstrumentalnogo the factory, the calculated which capacity - 50 thousand Chevrolet - Blazer in a year. Jeeps of the sample of 1998 should consist of accessories of the Russian manufacture half already. The basic supplier of punching KamAZ is defined. In total in Russia 144 factories on which it is planned to place orders for manufacturing of accessories for elabuzhskogo Chevrolet - Blazer are selected.
At factory yet do not know, what further destiny of first collected Chevrolet - Blazer will be. Probably, it remains at factory - as a museum piece.