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Tours of the Georgian theatre

New and old pominalnye dreams

On a scene of the Moscow Theatre of a name have come to the end with Ermolovoj of tour of Tbilisi theatre of a film actor of a name of Michael Tumanishvili. They have been devoted memory of this outstanding Georgian director and the teacher, died this spring.

Michael Tumanishvili has died in the beginning of May. It gathered then to Moscow, for Chekhovian theatrical festival. Its theatre on festival all - taki has arrived and has shown Amfitriona ZHirodu, last performance of the late director. Then it has been solved in memory of Tumanishvili to arrange independent tours.
display in Moscow three performances of Tbilisi Theatre of a film actor has been important named the international action ` Gallantly, Tumanishvili! ` . Personally knowing the dead consider that Tumanishvili, having seen the similar poster, fastidiously would frown: It was the person not noisy and ironic, in the middle of the most temperamental displays of the Caucasian hospitality always remained on - is European constrained, correct and alien to pathos. Sad, pominalnyj implied sense of tours partly excuses insipid broskost names. He explains also a choice of statement, which the action opened.
almost fifteen years ago Tumanishvili has composed Our small town under the play of Torntona Uajldera, and this performance in which action at will of the author of translation from English of Rezo Gabriadze has been transferred from the American province in pre-war Georgian, became its most well-known work. The gentle parable grows from ordinary, often comic household sketches at Tumanishvili about transience of life and that its price should be asked the dead. Each movement and each word here becomes invaluable because it is painted by intonation of long farewell. More correctly, however, to write grew and Became : today Tbilisi Our small town looks it is a little old-fashioned and memorialno. It is obvious that it does not belong to number of those unique scenic creations over which time and a theatrical reality appear are not imperious. Obviously, however, and that have brought it without calculation to hear the educated judgement of capital criticism: this performance in Moscow already showed ten years ago, and now on it for whom it remained one of the strongest in life of theatrical impressions have come.
pigs of Bakuly under the story of Georgian classic David Kldiashvili here did not show, but also they are hardly calculated on the exacting analysis. The joke about customs of pre-revolutionary Georgian village looks absolutely simply though it is played with visible pleasure. To performance almost twenty years, and in its repertoire, should be, keep simply as the live certificate of those years when just born theatre rose on feet. Tumanishvili has left then Theatre of a name of Rustaveli (then he has written the book the Director leaves theatre which became for its many colleagues almost the desktop grant) and together with pupils - actors has based new theatre. It supervised over it twenty years, without leaving almost Tbilisi. Every day, in any weather it went on foot on rehearsal, in the morning - to theatre, and after a dinner - in theatrical institute. Without dependence that was created in streets.
Shakespearean the Dream in summer night it is put literally under bullets, its premiere has taken place four years ago. Actors rehearsed its half-starved when to leave the house was unsafe and in a city almost at all there was no light and heating. From it the second plan sitting at performance it is impossible to get rid. And the more fantastic transformations it is created on a scene, the in a greater degree it becomes besides not so much fact of art, how many time document which main maintenance it is necessary to read on - old - between lines. Michael Tumanishvili was one of the largest artists of that generation for whom the theatre was whether a temple, whether the house, but anyway - a fortress which followed tirelessly builds and strengthen, is indispensable all life. Only within the precincts of such fortresses it was safe, only from - for walls of such fortresses and it was possible to object another`s and hostile reality. But the reality in the end of a way became such is that it has already appeared to believe in a dream, than in it easier. Tumanishvili has died, and without having had time to put the Cherry garden about which dreamt last ten years.