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Medicine for fear

Christmas pharmacological history

Depression has appeared together with reason. As soon as the person has received a specific name sapiens, he has there and then started to suffer from depression. During antique times illness was already well-known and is comprehensively described. Since then the set of medicines and techniques has been invented, however only in 1980 - e years there was a class of preparations which has allowed to achieve essential successes in business of struggle against depression. The preparation developed by the American company Eli Lilly prozak (operating substance fluoksetin) which decade is marked this year became the first and the most widespread among new medicines. About jubiljare - special correspondent MICHAEL - KIRTSER.

recently my close enough acquaintance, we name it K, has invited me to drink beer with the cancers welded in fennel. We long did not see it. I knew it as the wonderful story-teller, the cheerful person. Among the friends K it was known in particular for history how it during any party has dressed up in gym shoes directly barefoot, huge boxer shorts of black colour and a smart Indian shirt with a bright wide tie and has gone on street, whence in fifteen minutes has returned from semidozen attractive and appetizing maidens - exactly so much as he confirmed, in this time by it has passed. It has However, argued that will result ten. One of the maidens involved with black boxer shorts, I will notice, has played a certain role in my own life, but this is irrelevant.
and so, I with pleasure have accepted the invitation of this friend, was adjusted on a thoughtless harmony, have tried to get rid of difficult medical problems over which I usually reflect at leisure, and have gone. Also has been met not by loud speech, an arch look and prompt though and slightly angular grace of the skilled owner of secular salon, and the person of the thin and pale whiner which has begun the story about the misadventures still before I have had time to take off a hat.
you know, - he spoke, - you after all the physician... - I know - I answered. Perhaps, you will understand me. I so was tired of all it . And further the friend has stated me section Depressions from the textbook Psychiatry . Approximately for half a year to our meeting K has noted 30 - letie. Next morning after fun it was come to for the first time mind by not unreasonable thought on a vanity of all real. Instead of getting rid of it together with an easy hang-over, K has reflected seriously and by the evening has come to a conclusion that lives in vain.
To. The idea began even to frighten returning to work - and it worked as the engineer on duty on support of computer networks in one enough large company. Huge effort of will it has forced itself to go on night watch which before loved much more day - for possibility polazit on networks, to debug any programs and etc. From that memorable day each campaign K for work was accompanied by any strange sensations: dizziness, a fog before eyes. And in general - anything to it was not lovely. In a month of this torture heart has started to be ill it. K could not get off thought that its days are considered. In its month the notion of compulsion began to pursue: than dlit these tortures, whether to tear off them is better?
shortly before our meeting on work at K compulsory prophylactic medical examination was spent, and he has complained to the therapist of the condition; That has attentively listened to him, has directed to make the cardiogramme, to make tests for now ordered to drink any expensive American preparation prozak. K definitively was depressed, having decided that its song is sung. In such mood K also stayed, when has decided to call me and to invite me not so much for beer and cancers in fennel, how many to learn that to it to do.
I sounded, it seems to me, more than convincingly. I have tried to assure K that to it have carried with the doctor as therapists of a wide profile know not all about existence prozaka, among psychotropic medicines. But it is not necessary to think, road K, I continued that time to you has appointed a psychotropic preparation, you sbrendil. Depression suffers, under the different data, not less a quarter, and even third of all those people who addresses for the help to the doctor. And on frequency of references sick of depression are on the first place among all patients. And how many money is spent by the insurance companies and the state for treatment of imaginary illnesses which ostensibly torment depressive citizens! While to treat them it is necessary from depression.
Prozak meanwhile last word in treatment of depressions. It is better than the previous class of preparations (tritsiklicheskih energizers, TTSA; among them it is most known in Russia amitriptilin) not only because it is easier transferred and influences processes of storing, understanding a little and does not render the expressed braking action on mentality but also because prozakom it is much more difficult to poison to death. It is known that among sick depression extends suicide idea - and so, accepting TTSA, it is very easy to type a lethal dose, prozakom to kill itself it is impossible. Besides it, at prozaka there are less than by-effects, from - for which it is necessary to cancel reception TTSA. In a word, I have concluded, accept appointed to you prozak and, probably, you will cease to be ill and kuksitsja.
to. It was a little inspired by my speech. He as it was found out, counted that I will help it, instead of I will repeat words of a consolation which he already mnogazhdy heard from doctors and others not expert in medicine, friends. We have left dissatisfied the friend the friend. I was annoyed with its obstinacy, it - on my stupidity.
however it is literally in a week K has called me again. I was have started over again to agitate him for prozak, but it has interrupted me: You were right. Certainly, there can be this simply time improvement but while I feel better .