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Correct, Britain! Merry Christmas!

This secular week for us equaled to only several days, after all the last Saturday review has had on Monday, - but how many pleasant events. From juicy opening days - Dmitry Vrubel in gallery Velta that Vrubel that has had time to draw on the Berlin wall kissing vzasos Honnekera and Brezhnev before it, the wall, has failed; other demonstration - in gallery Eskom unique in Moscow specialising on a collecting of hats. In old circus at the governmental level roughly, with chlenovreditelstvom celebrated Birthday of the main clown of the country. And in the House of cinema the ambassador of Britain in Russia sir Andrew Wood has said ardent speech to the beginning of display of last tape of Peter Greenway The Pillow Book, and this spich anglicised in the magic image everything that there were the most perceptible in capital high life in the subsequent some days.

you Represent yourselves a landscape of near Moscow suburbs which opens to you prick you go in the gloomy December afternoon under the first shaky snowball on Old Volokolamsk highway away from capital. For the description the muse is necessary nekrasovskaja: the peeled fields and naked coppices, obvislye wires, country log huts, four-storeyed a red brick sheds with knightly turrets and empty windows, the rests something industrial and slanting fences - the grief about destinies of our poor native land covers you. And suddenly behind these sweet and sad as any unexpected impulse of humanism, experiences to you opens a wonderful picture as if Santa Claus has decided to brighten up on the Catholic Christmas eve to you the rest of leaving leap-year: cottages of quite decent expression of physiognomies, well-groomed, even under ice it is visible, a pond, carefully cut grounds with such, whether know, clean lesochkom, representing themselves actually an irregular formal garden, and to strangeness equal planes for Central Russian plain (later you learn that this nevidal - golf courses), are shorter - the second volume Dead souls - and you understand that everything, have arrived, we - in territory The Moscow Country Club where significant event today will take place. Namely - solemn reception on the occasion of opening at a golf - club five-stars Park Hotel. The golf, as it is known, along with boxing and football, was thought up by Englishmen.
However, hotel as hotel - something shishkinskoe, with levitanovskoj tserkovkoj, 4 on 5 in a lobby, two presidential lux on the sixth floor with saunas and a jacuzzi in everyone, with a billiard table in a hall (really presidents will be gone here for game on billiards), restaurant, understand, Four Seasons with the main hall, guess, Swan lake ; thumbing through a wine list, will choose to itself Moet et Chardon (3000 ml, price - 342) and prick raskapriznichaetes it is possible and bourgogne Le Montrache (440 for 0,75 if on - to ours), have a snack this business by a goose liver in jelly from port or konsome from molluscs with perno in flaky pastry - and go ahead to play a golf. And on this season - so in lawn - tennis on the closed court. A hotel highlight, however, is unique for our native land Beauty Center Estee Lauder, and knowing people will understand and will estimate that it means. This aristocratic closed club, however, is not brought, is on friendly terms with the Krasnogorsk heads, in whose territory lodges, as charity organises actions: learns nahabinskih children to overseas game (has gone, so to say, Filippok in golf school), arranges banquets, generously treating visitors. In this case besides us their roles executed ranks UPDK which the golf - clubs Meridian floats in a dale in this business with world system. So the banquet was industrial, on the occasion of object delivery, with feeble efforts to choral execution Dubinushki to paired dances with colleagues of an opposite sex under howls goodness knows where from undertaken termenvoksa. But there were also secular persons; the proprietress of gallery the House of Nashchokina Natalia Rjurikova, the publisher the Matador Gennady Tsozefavichus, known visagiste Lev Novikov, the chief of the Moscow bureau American Vouge Natasha Singer.
And here still the British sortie on Russian soil: Not sports, but literary. Perhaps, about Bukere you heard something, read eye edge on our pages. Booker - not only trade in foodstuff, but, probably, from - for accords, and the award which, priskuchiv to hand over it only on the separately taken island, Englishmen here the fifth year as povadilis to give to the best Russian novel. Well, understand, at all of us novels are good, not as at them so to choose difficultly. We will tell, dear lady who was now the chairman of jury, the critic and the editor-in-chief, Irina Prokhorov, directly so at every turn Houses of architects where by tradition took place a final banquet, and spoke: a pier, to all would give, yes money British allocate insufficiently. zhmotjatsja, matter of course. So contrary to our national tradition sobornosti and a collectivism it is necessary to give infections only to one - to two - in this case to memoirist Andrey Sergeevu, and under the category a debut in prose to poet Sergey Gandlevsky.
the Russian person, known business, is irascible, but is easily appeased. So other authors, having afflicted was absence of the British tranche on their personal accounts, posokrushavshis that supposedly absolutely Englishmen opupeli to distribute currency to whom popadja, there and then and were consoled - a domestic stuffed pike perch under three-year British brendi. Besides a considerable quantity of literary critics, publishers and editors-in-chief on a banquet came across and actually authors. We will tell, Bella Akhmadullina with Boris Messererom has flown; as the live bridge between Albion and domestic literature, left, as if month from a fog, English - Russian writer Zinovy Zinnik; was here and Vladimir Makanin, however, to it gave, so this time he especially and did not count; brilliantly there was no Victor Astafev to whom designated, but as it has been noted, in view of limitation of means too have not given; With pure brilliant Tatyana ShCherbina shone the poet, all in something plush colours a cream - brjule and Parisian that, of course, broke English tone, yes a little, however, that to it and not to be shone, she does not write novels; there was also poet Yury Kublanovsky, we have exchanged hand shake; in the attention centre there was Evgenie Popov, but not as the competitor, and as the judge, and on it too depended - to whom to give, so there was it torzhestven and at a tie. Yes business, money have distributed an essence, have drunk on a wine-glass - another, behind an extreme little table where in an environment of ladies sat and the poet and the publisher " had a snack; the Golden Age Vladimir Salimon, has gathered curious - for those who appreciates domestic literature - the company: Victor Yerofeev, Alexander Kabakov, Lev Rubinshtejn, Asar Eppel. You know, in Russia two intelligent persons will converge though, at once on a glass and well allow to argue, Pushkin and about Natalia Nikolaevnu paternal has died. But it is ordinary, so to say, the intellectual. Russian writers as - by inertia - masters of national thoughts so those is take above: as will see each other and will take seat, allow to solve a question, whether there is God. At once you will not solve certainly, opinions disperse, but after all and there is no place to hasten especially. We will tell, at Yerofeev and Kabakova as - that time has appeared unequal judgements on this point in question, but as they it is amicable and not without satisfaction have remembered, having met once in London, - notice, not in Bruxelles or Dusseldorf, - three days did not leave a room of the hotel, some times ran for White Horse, and that you think, have come - taki to a consensus. However, they the companies have not informed result of the arrangement. Having seen and us behind a table, present at this secular karamazovskoj to conversation supposedly tell, Alesha, whether there is God, Victor Yerofeev to us has noticed:
- You here that, you about this business in the column do not write better, all right?
and we that, we also do not write, we and in a riddle...
But if you think that on it and the Prenew Year`s Anglomania strongly be mistaken has come to an end. The computer after a writing of this note as to us call from English club has not cooled down still. A pier, welcome on masquerade by all means in maskodezhde times of last years of Ekaterina`s reign (when the Anglitsky club and was formed) straight in TSDSA, but not on fraternisation with army, that is why that this building - a private residence of the first the general - the governor of Moscow of count Saltykova, too the mason and the angloman. So we have run. But to report we will not be in time, because this year with you we exchange bows. Happy New Year, misters! And joyful to you of Christmas.