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The cinema and video for a week

On licence videocassettes are let out two American films which occupy as though intermediate position between tapes of the large companies and independent low budget pictures. On casual coincidence in one of films Chris Penn plays, and the second is put by its big brother Sean - and both of them co-operate both in Hollywood, and out of it. Actually for a long time already there is no basic difference between the tapes made by studios - majors and so-called indie. All is defined by what rolling company undertakes for “ promotion “ this or that picture.

“ postovoj AT the CROSSROADS “ (Crossing Guard). The USA. 1995. Director Sean Penn. In roles: Jack Nicholson, David Mors, Anhelika Houston, Robin Right, John Sevidzh. Cash gathering - $0,6 million Estimation - *** (on six-point system).
As in a caption surnames of the Bean and Harvi Uajnstinov, owners of firm Miramax appear, it is impossible to reproach those who was engaged in hire of the second director`s work of known actor Sean Penn, in the spiteful relation to a film. Possibly, Uajnstiny have been disappointed by result and did not apply special efforts that the tape has collected at least more than $1 million However, 1995, when “ postovoj at a crossroads “ left for couple of weeks on screens of the USA, it has appeared obviously unsuccessful for Miramax, especially in comparison with record for it the previous year which has passed “ under the badge of Tarantino “. Almost half of pictures has shared a sad fate of a film of Penn. And art advantages, as well as true entertainment potential, quite often have no special value. In this sense “ postovoj at a crossroads “ the tape " is not worse at all; Sentenced to death goes “ In which Sean Penn acted in film as the actor - for 10 days of hire it had scanty $0,2 million, but has been then magnificently untwisted (differently will not tell), as a result having collected $39,3 million Both pictures the theme of payment of people for the offences and crimes makes related - but in the second case Penn has won a prize in Berlin, and its partner Sjuzen Serendon has received “ Oscar “ and “ postovoj at a crossroads “ at all has not deserved approval at critics. Certainly, Houston (they and in life of the whole 17 years converged - dispersed) a conversation scene between the former spouses enduring  destruction of the daughter under wheels of the truck can be a unique award for captious spectators in the rough and too thought up drama only played with limiting sincerity Jack Nicholson and Anhelikoj. However it is difficult not to remember notorious political correctness, trying though as - that to understand the reason of so different relation to two almost same films. The negligent driver who has stayed term in prison, needs now a pardon - but here the father lost, by all means wishing to revenge, behaves is obviously unbalanced, moreover, indulges in various sins. Unforgiven!
“ ROCK MALHOLLAND “ (Mulholland Falls). The USA. 1995. Whether the director of Tamahori. In roles: Nik Nolti, Melani Griffit, Chazz Palminteri, John Malkovich, Michael Medsen, Chris Penn. Cash gathering - $11,4 million Estimation - ***.
the criminal tape about the Californian customs in 50 is closer to the ending - e years it appears less banal, but all the same it is impossible not posokrushatsja that again in Hollywood the talent of the visitor of the director has undergone to levelling (new Zealander Tamahori has removed earlier an excellent rigid drama “ When - that were soldiers “) . The joke necessarily is born: “ When - that was the director “. Though still there is a hope that in the following work, a thriller “ the Bookworm “ Whether Tamahori nevertheless will justify itself. And banality “ Rocks of Malholland “ (likely, the version " would be more exact; Breakage of Malholland “) consists that, once again having addressed to a theme of secret intrigues, defects and the crimes made in the neighbourhood with Hollywood, authors of this picture sjuzhetno and kinematograficheski repeat familiar for a long time on many “ to black films “ the past and present epoch. And only nonconventional melodramatic turn in Max Hoover`s relations from special police group and his wife who have learnt about secret appointments of the husband with the girl which became a victim of zealous agents of special services, partly can reconcile with a tape of Tamahori which suddenly have sounded humanly.