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The Russian association of emitters VISA

SBS is founded and the Bridge - bank have refused participation in VISA Russia

One of these days without a special pomp in the Moscow hotel Metropol signing of constituent documents of association VISA Russia has taken place. However ceremony has come to the end with a discomfiture. From four Russian banks - SBS, the Russian credit the Bridge - bank and Inkombanka invited to participation in association, the document was signed only by two - Inkombank and the Russian credit .

So, on Tuesday to Moscow there has arrived the area manager of international company VISA to Russia Alexander Souerbi. Signing of constituent documents of association VISA Russia was the purpose of its arrival to the Russian capital. Similar associations exist in many countries of the world and unite the banks which are letting out cards VISA. The similar organisation of banks - emitters of cards Europay Int. - The basic competitor VISA in Russia - half a year operates in Moscow already.
preparation for association VISA Russia creation was conducted more than a year. VISA expected to involve in cooperation all Russian banks having strong positions in the national market of plastic cards. To sign constituent documents four banks - SBS, the Bridge - bank, by Inkombank and " have been invited; the Russian credit . But VISA the unpleasant surprise waited.
the vice-president the Bridge - bank Igor Lipanov at all was not on ceremony. In conversation with the correspondent, he has informed that at this time was with a working trip in Nizhni Novgorod. It is obviously demonstrative gesture as for the Bridge - bank the presentation in a province of its card program Alliance has appeared more important, than signing of documents VISA Russia.
By words g - on Lipanova, preliminary it has familiarised with documents and has noted in them a number of legal defects and the contradiction of separate points of constituent documents to the Russian legislation.
representatives SBS on signing were present, but constituent documents, as well as the Bridge - bank, have not signed. SBS did not make comments on the refusal of participation in association VISA Russia. However it is known that the bank negatively concerns release plans in Russia the rouble card Domestic VISA which is objectively being competitor STB - Card. Besides, VISA till now remained indifferent to protests SBS and the Bridge - bank concerning prompt strengthening of positions of the ONEXIMBANK applying for reception of the right ekvajringa of plastic cards of leading international systems. Probably, having refused to sign association documents, the Bridge - bank and SBS wanted to let know VISA that with their opinion it is necessary to be considered.
But old competitors SBS and the Bridge - bank in the market of plastic cards - Inkombank and the Russian credit - documents have signed. It has given the grounds to representative VISA Int. In London to declare that association VISA Russia already exists the fourth day. It is enough signatures of two banks that documents were considered as the accepted. Thus, the split line between the Russian banks - leading emitters of plastic cards became especially visible.
officially presentation VISA Russia should take place in January when constituent documents will be registered, now all papers are in Ministry of Justice of Russia. Representatives VISA have confirmed that the organisation is opened for all Russian banks - members who have in VISA Int. The status principal member. On refusal SBS and the Bridge - bank to sign documents Alexander Souerbi reacted philosophically: Business is business .