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The second reading of the budget in the Duma

From interview of the vice-president budgetary - Alexey Golovkova`s financial committee:
Rigid terms of discussion of the budget have completely broken procedure and the budgetary legislation. Usually each of deputies has the right to make the amendment, to wait considerations, to act, receive the answer, thereby showing to voters: I fought, I acted, but it has not turned out . Today the deputy case of these possibilities has lost. Decisions are accepted purely political. A question on that, it is good or it is bad. I do not know, what technology more correct - petty digging in sections or so... But, as it is known, 99 % of amendments to the budget all the same do not pass.
if consideration will pass successfully it is possible to bring an attention to the question that such procedure from the point of view of the budget is most effective. I hope that a result of constructive interaction of opposition with the government will be that budget consideration - 98 will begin in February. The budget - 98 most likely will be strong to differ from the budget - 97 if the government undertakes real for military reform, municipal reform, tax reform and mechanism reform sotszashchity. There will be a redistribution of expenses in the budget within 200 trln roubles. Loading can be removed from the budget on third at double reduction of the profit tax and the VAT, subventions and grants. There purely political decisions will be made besides. As, as it has appeared this time, interaction with opposition was rather constructive. Somewhat under the pressure of opposition the government has seriously accelerated work on prospect. It is an opposition merit as tool and Yury Masljukova as person who has formulated these purposes. It in general gives huge economic intelligence to actions of the Duma opposition. Approximately the same as at landowners Gennady Kulik. With that difference that Masljukov a figure large-scale and the sphere of its interests is much wider, than village.
requirements of communists? The situation here is that. When it became clear that for their voters will be worse if to enter into new year without the budget, they have made purely political decision - budget to accept. To save the face, they and had to formulate the requirements. Under the majority it is possible to subscribe, because they reasonable. As to Chubays if communists have really decided it to clean, they would carry on unofficial negotiations and would expose the closed requirements. Publicly power auction with the president is impossible. The best way of strengthening of positions of Chubays and it is impossible to think up.