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Explosion in Priozersk

Under house fragments there were 34 persons

Last night in Priozersk (about 100 km to the north from St.-Petersburg) in a five-floor apartment house #32 along the street Bitter there was the powerful explosion accompanied by a fire. Overlappings of two entrances have as a result fallen. At the moment of number delivery it is precisely established that one person was lost and is wounded three. 34 more inhabitants of the failed house are under blockages.

Fire brigades of Priozersk of profit on a scene in some minutes after explosion. They have started at once evacuation of people and fire extinguishing. However soon firemen have understood that they will not manage to cope independently with fire and analysis of blockages. Their colleagues from nearby settlements and St.-Petersburg to the aid have come. As a result the fire has been extinguished about 7 o`clock in the morning.
By this time to Priozersk from Moscow there has arrived group of rescuers led by the deputy minister on CHS Nikolay Loktionov who has started to carry out coordination of actions on liquidation of consequences of explosion. Rescuers and military men have started to rake blockages failed 4 - go and 5 - go house entrances. 46 tenants managed to get out independently from - under building fragments. It was not possible to rescue one of victims. He has died in hospital from the received traumas. According to preliminary data, under blockages while there are 34 persons. Rescuers hope that all of them are live and will be taken in the night from Friday to Saturday.
data on causes of the explosion are inconsistent enough. On one of versions, it has occurred after a fire in the apartment located on 3 - m a floor when fire has reached gas pipes. However field investigators of the Department of Internal Affairs of Leningrad region suspect that act of terrorism took place.
For finding-out of the true reasons of incident the special governmental commission which have headed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Lobov and the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu is created. Yesterday they have arrived to Priozersk.