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Talibs have allowed to build the oil pipeline

Gas attack can bring the world to Afghanistan

Despite charges in adherence to medieval customs, Talibs have appeared are not deprived judiciousness and ability on advantage to estimate some achievements of a human civilisation. Such, for example, as nefte - and gas pipelines. The Afghani movement the Taliban has declared one of these days that does not object to building nefte - and a gas pipeline from Turkmenia to Pakistan through territory of Afghanistan.

It is a question about grandiose on scale plans of a consortium of the oil companies of the USA ( JUnokal ) and Saudi Arabia ( Delta ) And two firms - from South Korea and Argentina. American - the Saudi consortium has already finished design works on a gas pipeline which will connect a Turkmen gas field in Dauletabade with the Pakistan coast of Indian ocean. As the vice-president being on a visit in Islamabad " has informed; JUnokal Martin Miller, extent of a gas pipeline will make 1403 km, building will manage in $2 mlrd and can begin at any moment, but only after the political situation in region will clear up. Talibs declare that yet have not made the decision to whom to transfer successively on a pipeline construction, however almost to all it is clear that they will give to its consortium led by JUnokal . The consortium has come to Afghanistan seriously and for a long time: after end of building of an aforementioned gas pipeline it plans to begin a construction of the oil pipeline from a deposit in Chardzhou (Turkmenia) to the Pakistan oil terminal at coast of Arabian sea. Is and more dalekoidushchie plans - to hold on a pipe to the India, certainly, if India and Pakistan has enough common sense to agree.
a consortium JUnokal - Delta is going to open representation in Kandahar. That indirectly confirms assumptions of some analysts that Americans have attended for a long time already to adjustment of communications with Talibs, aspiring to play this card in difficult geopolitical game. In this case claims of Talibs for an establishment uniform more or less stable mode in Afghanistan outweigh that inconvenient circumstance in the opinion of Americans that on the sights hated to Washington the Iranian mullahs - simply inveterate liberals against Talibs, whose views simply give medieval obscurantism.
While Talibs have signed the agreement with the Pakistan government about capital repairs of the highway connecting Pakistan with Herat, 800 which km for years of civil war have been resulted in full worthlessness. Pakistan has allocated $3,5 million and technics for road repair along which oil pipeline building is planned.
the pipeline route should pass along the road connecting the Pakistan city of Quetta with the Afghani Herat, located on severo - the country West, near to border with Turkmenia. All territory on which building should be developed, already is under control of Talibs. However, probably, it would be more pertinent to tell while is : to the east of Herat active operations between Talibs and armies of the Uzbek general Rashida Dustuma supervising a number of northern provinces of Afghanistan are conducted. Clear business that Dustum would not like to remain out of the big game with oil and will make everything to catch control at least over a territory part on which will pass nefte - and a gas pipeline. And after all is also the lawful government of Afghanistan led by president Burhanuddinom Rabbani expelled by Talibs in September from Kabul. Presence of the lawful government creates many complexities for it is not clear to whom will pay money for gas transit on the Afghani territory - to Talibs (nobody recognised in the world as the Afghani administration), Dustumu (not applying even not for a role of the national government) or all - taki Rabbani. However, perhaps, commercial benefit also will play the main peace-making role, having reconciled the irreconcilable.