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We will be rescued by bodies from a test tube?

from the next releases « Forecasts » which are called « Illnesses of a civilisation » you learn that progress gives to us not only easy life, but also heavy illnesses. The modern mankind is threatened with an atherosclerosis, a diabetes and an allergy. How to struggle with epidemics of 21 centuries? When we will defeat « illnesses of a civilisation »?

In the program three variants of succession of events, as always, are discussed:

- we will defeat illnesses only when we will start to watch over the health;
- when scientists will learn to grow up artificial organs;
- illnesses remain always.

One of heroines of transfer, singer Julia Mihalchik who suffered affliction an anorexia, on a private experience was convinced - to struggle with illnesses of 21 centuries it is possible only by means of will power. Other participant – The expert on national medicine Margarita Rempel, too is assured that tablets modern illnesses not to defeat. It will result some advice of national medicine which will help to prevail against illnesses.

the heroine of the second part of the program of Zhadyra Iglikova precisely knows that deckman cages save life! She has tested it on herself when after heavy accident it has appeared on the verge of death. The girl was rescued by the artificial organs which have been grown up in a test tube. Together with the patient in studio « Forecasts » the person who has performed this unique operation &ndash has come; surgeon Vladimir Dmitrievich Parshin.

disposal of many illnesses promise us and gene technologies. Moreover, by 2045 we become immortal, the co-ordinator of movement Russia - 2045 Timur Schukin assures. And doctors - robots will help us with it!

should become Experts of the program the director for a science of Institute of deckman cages of the person to Sergey Kiselyov, kardiohirurgu to Olga Bokerii, the director of Institute naturoterapii to Sergey Arseninu, the president of the Russian diabetic association to Michael Bogomolovu and family doctor Natalia Morozovoj.

« Forecasts » on March, 24th and 25, 19. 55, « TV the Center ».