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FK Mordovia it is suspected in dogovornjakah

FK Mordovia acting in championship FNL, suspect of the organisation of contractual games. We will notice that the day before in mass-media there were messages on suspicious character of game 22 - go round FNL   club from Saransk with Vladimir a Torpedo .
About it FK Mordovia has acted with an official statement on the site:
1. In a number of mass-media unsubstantiated statements have been made. Including that the match in Vladimir has been removed with lines bookmakers. Actually it does not represent the facts, as many known bookmaker offices did not stop reception of rates on this match. In particular, it is a question of leaders of the market - BK the Marathon and Betfajr .
Concerning low factor on a victory Mordovias it is possible to tell the following: The leader played with the team, which struggles for residence permit preservation in FNL, and is perfect obosnovanno was considered as the favourite of a meeting. Though even full removal of matches with lines about what cannot speak - such meets pretty often.
2. On game there was commission FNL which has not stated any remarks and doubts in honesty of wrestling in the field. However Anzorom Kavazashvili its verdict is called by head of a commission of experts of revealing of contractual matches into question. We insist on viewing of game by a commission of experts on revealing of contractual matches on purpose to state an objective estimation and to put in this history an end.
3. Occurring to suggest that, probably, Mordovia has simply broken someone`s plans that is in leaders. It is possible to assume that it is necessary for someone to stop urgently a command in any ways.
4. We underline that Mordovia always plays fair. We are ready to cooperation with any body RFS and FNL, and also judicial committee.
5. We express hope that campaign for discredit of our club will stop, and the corresponding estimation will be given unfounded accusations.
it is necessary to remind that the command at present is on the first place in standings after 34 - h rounds. Its advantage over Alaniej settled down on the second place, makes 7 points.