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CSKA has broken Anzhi in Makhachkala. VIDEO

Dmitry Losev
In Makhachkala has taken place a match which many will remember for a long time. To football players Anzhi and CSKA was possible to hammer for two in eight goals, but hardly it was better with balls at Muscovites. Dumbija comes off in race bombardirov, It ` About interrupts bezgolevuju a series, Dzagoev does het - trik of transfers, and Golenda proves that it is worthy places in a basis mahachkalintsev.
the Duel between Anzhi and CSKA was expected many. Commands apply for the highest places, but recently in the championship of Russia both club zabuksovali so confident performance in a forthcoming meeting was important as one, and another. Fans in Makhachkala have collected full stadium. At purchase of tickets the real agiotage was observed, and speculators sold treasured prohodki Several times more expensively, but also all of them equally got, for the match promised to leave very interesting. In the first circle football players of CSKA in magnificent style have beaten the contender with the account 3:0 and at Anzhi for certain there was a revanchist mood. To beat present CSKA quite probably. From - for traumas the command has lost at once six players (Akinfeeva, Nababkina, Gonsalesa, Seku, Honda, Netsida), start up, soldiers have lost someone and very much for a long time, but holes in structure to patch not so - that simply. Besides, from - for disqualification the match passed Shemberas, and from - for the gentleman`s agreement between clubs - Gabulov who belongs Anzhi but plays for CSKA as rent.
the duel very quickly Has begun. Has not passed also first five minutes of game as the account was already open. Bussufa has hung in the centre penal, whence Agalarov has punched in the left corner, but Chepchugov has reacted to blow and has returned a ball, truth, here as here it has appeared It ` About and has amazed empty gate of soldiers. The captain mahachkalintsev has constrained the promise which has given before a match: I expect to score a goal. I bezgolevaja a series too was tightened . In the following attack the Cameroonian hardly did not become the author of a goal pass. He has noticed connection of Zhirkova and has given out it an excellent pass, but Yury has punched near to a bar. And after all could give, in turn, on Bussufa and the Moroccan would hammer into absolutely empty gate. However, Mubarak in some minutes had magnificent chance to double the account. Bussufa has scratched a ball at Mamayev, and It ` About has jumped out on a rendezvous with Chepchugovym, truth to strike plainly to the Cameroonian it was not possible,   but the Moroccan twisted on execution and without hindrances - has not got. One more attack could come to the end with a goal of owners, but after a combination Zhirkov - Gadzhiev has shown good reaction Chepchugov.
And what CSKA? Soldiers too tried not to lag behind from mahachkalintsev, but for the time being diligence of Dzagoeva and Dumbija did not suffice to create something on - to the present dangerous. But the first scoring chance has come to the end with a capture of gate of Revishvili. Alan has hung, and Sejdu has ideally punched a head.
there is no sense to list further goal and is close to it the moments of commands in the first time. It is possible to notice only that game looked fine. However, were also dissatisfied. For example,   the head coach of soldiers Leonid Slutsky. Without waiting a break, it has replaced defender Fedotova with Shchennikova.
the second time has not had time to begin, and CSKA already conducted in the account. Wagner Lav finds transfer of Dumbija, and Sejdu, while Kerzhakov is on the sick-list escapes in a separation in race bombardirov. The hammered ball has afflicted Makhachkala torsidu, but during too time they could be assured that now Anzhi will start to attack with double force. Bussufa had good chance, but the ball at it this evening obviously did not go to a grid, and Chepchugov on the sly strengthened self-trust. Mahachkalintsy were torn forward to even up scores, but have received in the gate one more. Wagner Lav this time has caused a stir. Transfer to it was made by Dzagoev, and the main loser of a meeting of Bussufa tried to prevent, but it is vain.
however, it was only the beginning. Game has definitively turned in bedlam . Scoring chances arose practically every minute. Alan Dzagoev has given the next transfer on Dumbija and both football players of CSKA have made het - trik. Sejdu in struggle against Tagirbekovym has issued the 19 - j a goal in the championship, and Alan has given the third goal pass in a duel. Through pair minutes already Dzagoev accepted congratulations from partners for he has hammered. 1:5 - the present defeat, which, truth, football players Anzhi did not deserve. To the aid of a command Golenda whom Gordeyev has let out instead of Agalarova has come. The double was possible to issue Yana and to brighten up impression of game Anzhi in a duel ending. The account 3:5 reflects that occurred in the field. Commands played recklessly and cheerfully, but has carried this evening to soldiers.
SOGAZ - the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 28 - j round
Anzhi (Makhachkala) - CSKA (Moscow) - 3:5 (1:1)
Goals :   It and #39; About, 4,   Golenda, 85,   89 -   Sejdu Dumbija, 24,   46, 80,   Wagner Lav, 62,   Dzagoev, 82
Preventions :   ZHusilej, 69
on October, 23rd. 19:30. Makhachkala. Stadium the Dynamo
Anzhi : Revishvili, Tagirbekov, Zhoao Carlos, Gadzhibekov, Agalarov (Golenda, 74), Mahach Gadzhiev (Ivanov, 60), Zhusilej, Ahmeds, Zhirkov, Bussufa, It and #39; About
CSKA:   CHepchugov, Ignashevich, Alexey Berezutsky, Vasily Berezutsky, Fedotov (Shchennikov, 39), Dzagoev, Mamayev (Rahimich, 82), Toshich (Tsaunja, 63), Aldonin, Sejdu Dumbija, Wagner Lav
the Judge :   Vitaly Meshkov (Dmitrov)