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Zenith and CSKA have gained the next victories (the review 28 - go round RFPL). VIDEOS

Football matches 28 - go round RFPL, taken place in a past week-end, have not changed a basic alignment of forces. Three commands applying for the highest places, have gained victories and have kept the positions rather each other. But except result Zenith Spartak and CSKA could please admirers with the game. In particular to soldiers, nakolotivshih ambitious Anzhi 5 goals.
by that moment, when Samuel It and #39; About hammered to visitors from Moscow, the account on a board was 0:1 in advantage mahachkalintsev, but then the loaded word Sejdu Dumbija has told. The football player has three times left out of work Revishvili, and then Dzagoev and Wagner Lav have definitively finished owners. Fans Anzhi thanks of Golende, managed to rescue the person of the clubmates should tell: two balls in the end of a meeting have fixed the end result. Eight goals and the account   3:5 meet in far not in each round of the Russian superiority.
zenith on a visit at Rostov it was limited to three hammered balls. Three goals first 45 minutes predicted the next defeat, but rostovchane after a break left, have gathered, and have requited one ball. The account 1:3 has left pitertsev on the first place and with an every prospect of safe end of second third of championship.
hardly bolshej with productivity football players of a national command have pleased. Spartak has brought 4 balls in a grid of gate tomichej, but there was it, apparently, more from weakness of the contender, rather than at most it is red - white . And nevertheless, goals Are dry, Kajumova and a double of Ari should correct mood for fans.
Krasnodar for three rounds till the end of second third of championship still had hope to get to the first eight. For this purpose he needed to win all remained matches, and also to wait failures from Anzhi . In game with Volga the command has achieved desirable result, having hammered in two balls into last half an hour.
Terek at last - that has won a house victory, and there was it in a match with Amkarom . The goal of Ferrejry 20 minutes prior to a whistle has brought groznentsam a long-awaited victory which has helped a command to bypass permjakov in standings.
a drawn game Kuban with Samara Wings has allowed the first to bypass the Ruby in standings, but citizens of Kazan will spend the match on Monday, and in case of a victory over the Dynamo they again will improve the positions in the championship. 28 - j round RFPL proceeds.
SOGAZ - the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 28 - j round
Volga (Nizhni Novgorod) - Krasnodar (Krasnodar) - 0:2   (0:0)
Goals : Martsvaladze, 60, Movsisjan, 90
Preventions :   Sekeli, 36, Belozerov, 45, Ruslan Ajinjal, 70 - Drinchich, 7, Tubich, 34, Movsisjan, 65, Shipitsyn, 71, Andzhelkovich, 87
on October, 22nd. 14:00. Nizhni Novgorod. Stadium the Locomotive
Volga : Abaev, Buffalo s, Eshchenko, Belozerov, Krosas, Tursunov, Sekeli (Dzhavadov, 66), House painters (Bibilov, 78), Getigezhev, Ruslan Ajinjal, Akhmetovich (Hazov, 46)
Krasnodar : Usminsky, Shipitsyn (Martynovich, 72), Andzhelkovich, Tubich, Kudryashov, Amisulashvili, Rui Migel (Kulchy, 46), Mikheyev (Zhoazino, 62), Drinchich, Martsvaladze, Movsisjan
the Judge :   Sergey Kuznetsov (Krasnozavodsk)
Terek (Grozny) - Amkar (Perm) - 1:0   (0:0)
the Goal : Ferrejra, 70
Preventions :   Gvazava, 41, Asildarov, 52 - Blazhich, 25, Cherenchikov, 25, Smirnov Michael, 42
on October, 22nd. 16:00. Grozny. Stadium Arena Ahmat
Terek : Dzhanaev, Omeljanchuk, Zenge, Jiranek, Ferrejra, Georges, Vlasov, Gvazava (Lezhar, 46), Pavlenko (Jatchenko, 81), Asildarov (Sadaev, 58), Mguni
Amkar : Narubin, Mijajlovich, Smirnov Michael, Cherenchikov, Sirakov, Blazhich (Tjukalov, 78), Vasilev (Garashchenkov, 71), Kolomejtsev, Grishin, Novakovich, Dzhalovich (Mikhalev, 77)
the Judge :   Edward Malyj (Volgograd)
Kuban (Krasnodar) - Krylja Sovetov (Samara) - 1:1   (0:1)
Goals :   Davidov, 49 - Kornilenko, 41
Preventions :   ponomarenko, 65, Dzhordzhevich, 90
on October, 22nd. 18:30. Krasnodar. Stadium Kuban
Kuban : Belenov, Armash, Alexey Kozlov, Zelao, Lolo, Kulik (Lumps, 46), Tlisov, Not (Urenja, 89), Varga, Davidov, Bukur (Fidler, 82)
Krylja Sovetov : Veremko, Taranov, Ponomarenko (Joseph - Renett, 67), Dzhordzhevich, Koroman (Sosnin, 78), Receptions (Grigoryan, 72), Tsallagov, the Novel of Sparrows, Sergey Petrov, Jakovlev, Kornilenko
the Judge :   Almir Kajumov (Moscow)
Anzhi (Makhachkala) - CSKA (Moscow) - 3:5   (1:1)
Goals :   It and #39; About, 4,   Golenda, 85,   89 -   Sejdu Dumbija, 24,   46, 80,   Wagner Lav, 62,   Dzagoev, 82
Preventions :   ZHusilej, 69
on October, 23rd. 19:30. Makhachkala. Stadium the Dynamo
Anzhi : Revishvili, Tagirbekov, Zhoao Carlos, Gadzhibekov, Agalarov (Golenda, 74), Mahach Gadzhiev (Ivanov, 60), Zhusilej, Ahmeds, Zhirkov, Bussufa, It and #39; About
CSKA:   CHepchugov, Ignashevich, Alexey Berezutsky, Vasily Berezutsky, Fedotov (Shchennikov, 39), Dzagoev, Mamayev (Rahimich, 82), Toshich (Tsaunja, 63), Aldonin, Sejdu Dumbija, Wagner Lav
the Judge :   Vitaly Meshkov (Dmitrov)
Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) - Zenith (St.-Petersburg) - 1:3   (0:3)
Goals :   Brakamonte, 49 - Danni, 9, Lukovich, 15 - a penalty, Buharov, 32
Preventions :   Smolnikov, 15, Aumada, 19, Kochish, 62, Kalachev, 73, Adam`s, 88   - Lukovich, 61, Buharov, 65, Shirokov, 69, Alvesh, 81, Danni, 90, Bystrov, 90
on October, 23rd. 15:00. Rostov-on-Don. Stadium the Olympus - 2
Rostov : Pletikosa (Kochenkov, 25), Salad, Okoronkvo, Filatov, Kalachyov (Bajramjan, 78), Aumada, Maxim Grigoriev, Smolnikov, Yemelyanov (Brakamonte, 22), Adam`s, Kochish
Zenith :   Malafeev, Gubochan, Brunu Alvesh, Lomberts, Lukovich, Denisov, Semak (Zyryanov, 90+2), Fajzulin, Danni, Shirokov, Buharov (Vladimir Bystrov, 87)
the Judge : Timur Arslanbekov (Moscow)
Spartak (Moscow) - Tom` (Tomsk) - 4:0   (2:0)
Goals :   Are dry, 10, Ari, 44, 89, Kajumov, 83
Preventions :   Roho, 29, Ari, 41, Are dry, 55 - Nahushev, 34, Sosnovsky, 43
on October, 23rd. 17:00. Moscow. Stadium Luzniki
Spartak : Dikan, Parshivljuk, Roho, Are dry, Makeev, De Zeuv (Kajumov, 62), Dmitry Kombarov, Karioka (Bryzgalov, 85), Ari, Dzjuba, Velliton (Makgidi, 78)
Tom` :   Botvinev, Nahushev, Dmitry Smirnov, Stroev, Gultjaev, Ropotan (Savin, 78), Sabitov, Bojarintsev, Skobljakov (Kanunnikov, 46), Sosnovsky, Klimov (Cyril Pogrebnjak, 46)
the Judge :   Stanislav Suhina (Malakhovka)