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E.Emenike: If the trainer lets out, I will play pricks

the Forward Spartaka Emmanuel Emenike before the major meeting with the Benfika in League of champions has declared that the victory is necessary to its command only.
- back pains have arisen to a match with Barcelona - the forward speaks is red - white. - and before Anzhi the pain has amplified, could not play in any way. It became now a bit easier. But while it is all the same sick. You for certain and saw that I was engaged under the individual program.
- saw but how to be with the Benfika - a match - that solving!
- It is ready to leave in the field, I feel in myself forces. If the trainer lets out, I will play pricks.
- a match with Anzhi you watched on TV. Your opinion?
- This red card Kombarovu has not understood this decision. And a goal last minute - as if a blow to the head.
- your opinion on refereeing Small?
- For all career still never faced the similar. For the slightest foul it put our players on cards. From outside it looked improbably. I did not trust the eyes.
- last year`s Emenike has made the present furore in Russia. Whether see a difference meanwhile Emenike and present?
- No difference is present. But in a command the head coach was replaced. It agree, that year much was possible to me, but now we should play how from us the trainer demands, its instruction should carry out. Other reasons are not present. And before you same Emenike.
- the Same, but less productive
- Productivity depends not only on you, but also from your partners, from the tactical scheme. But do not worry - still I will score the goals.
- Spartak has got to a period of failures. What do to be corrected?
- Sometimes come black days. But it is necessary to wait, and victories again will come. I can not understand, in what the reason of last defeats. Probably, all has begun with game against Barcelonas . We have lost, but to concede to Catalans is not shameful. We have thought that all OK, have reconciled. But then have lost Seltiku . And this time could not tell to itself any more, what all APPRX. very strongly was angry, but what I could do? Game from CSKA - too any madness.
- that Emeri speaks in the personal meeting, what councils gives?
- Never heard, that it discussed this theme separately with someone from players. If it is necessary to inform something to us, it does it at all. Personal meeting of Emeri does not practise. And to all command says that it is necessary to work more persistently. Much more persistently.
- whether players realise, the match with " is how much important; the Benfika ? Feel, what the collective is one huge malicious dog, which zagryzet any if it to unchain? Or conditions quiet?
- When the command loses, there are problems of the psychological plan. But all are ready to forthcoming game. Are ready to fight.
- discuss a situation with partners, without the trainer? Perhaps someone from players has collected all round itself(himself), has said ardent speech, has shouted: Gather!
- Is not present, at us so it is not accepted. We gather only when it is wanted by the trainer. Among themselves we can exchange opinions, discuss something.
- many have paid attention to one episode. When Emeri has replaced you in a match against CSKA, you have not submitted to it a hand. Why?
- If it is fair, did not think at all of it is has been too upset by the game, leaving from a field. Has become angry, and in my head there was only a rage. If the trainer has given a hand, necessarily it would shake.
- the Club has not fined for it?
- And why me should fine? If you want to shake hands, you press it. You do not want - you do not press. A private affair of everyone.
- but after all you have shaken hands with the trainer Fenerbahche and even have embraced him directly during a match.
- Ajkjut Kodzhaman personally called me in Fenerbahche wanted, that I supported its command. It always concerned me with love, and I have simply expressed the respect for it.
- That will tell to fans Spartaka which will fill tomorrow Luzniki ?
- Children, sometimes at your favorite team not all develops according to plan. But football is good that always repays debts, and we have just run into debt to you. Come in Luzniki support us during the difficult moment. I know, what even Ahmed Musa will come to support us. The victory is necessary to all of us!
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