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Barcelona has brought an action on Real protecting Messi

Catalan Barcelona brings an action on Madrid Real after on a site of fans Royal club there was a provocative note.
the photo of Lionelja Messi embracing a syringe is attached to scandalous article, thus the forward Barcelonas compare to legendary bicycle racer Lensom Armstrong whom deprive of all titles for a dope.
the note which has caused a resonance, has appeared on site Defensacentral. com. Article name - Armstrong`s Rounds and our future .
Soon after the publication this article has been removed from a site. Thus the Spanish edition Sport. es asserts that Barcelona having been indignant with the published material, has brought an action on Real .
we Will notice that for Real Barcelona - The main irritant in the Example. Rivalry of these commands is considered classical not only in Spain, but also in the world. That is why occurrence on a resource of fans of the Madrid club of a similar provocative material, certainly, could not pass not noticed.
we will remind, now round a name of the American bicycle racer, the numerous winner Round de France grandiose scandal inflames. Armstrong accuse of the dope use. It are going to deprive of all titles, besides, from the American sponsors turn away.
Lionel Messi - one of the greatest football players of the present. Many name its best football player of the world though there are many fans whom as the best consider the player Madrid Real Krishtianu Ronaldu.