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Fedun the President Moscow " has told truth about the Russian football

; Spartaka Leonid Fedun in interview to the newspaper Sports - the Express train has declared that Russian the Prime minister - league prospers purchase and sale of matches . Besides it it has made some more interesting statements. in our championship purchase and sale of matches is daily practice. In preference the sense of game consists in typing as much as possible points. But sometimes there is a situation when it is necessary to give points, it is called - raspasy . In football the same history: someone types many points, and then starts them to distribute. G - n Mutko has told recently at session RFPL that two thirds of championship have passed in fair wrestling and God has remunerated us to it a victory over England. And then, as soon as outsiders were defined and it became clear, whom it is possible to send - in particular, Kuban - In the first battalion, the game pool in " was there and then formed; raspasy . And last quarter of the championship, five - six rounds, has passed, unfortunately, as usual. And it should affect in Israel - the vice-president " has noted; Lukoil . the Exit one - to make so that in our championship the concept of purchase and sale of matches was perceived the same as and in Israel, and almost in all European states. How it to make? The recipe is simple. At last session RFPL I have officially raised the question - and have now sent letters on this theme and to the new president of league, and president RFS - with the offer to reduce so-called a bog to a minimum. 15 - I and 16 - I a command take off from premieres - leagues, 13 - I and 14 - I play transitive matches with the third and fourth commands of the first battalion. And then possibility for manipulations and lists disappears. And through two - three years at us the new generation of players which will get used to that is necessary " will start to be formed; to be killed in the field in all matches, and the idea of contractual matches will come to naught. The same - and in the first league because as you know, there all these processes are even more terrible - Leonid Arnoldovich summarised. Also Fedun has declared that to the head coach is red - white to Stanislav Cherchesovu it is already offered to prolong the contract with Spartakom for three years - thus that there was as early as a year before the termination of the present agreement . The head of ninefold champions of Russia has confirmed that Croat Mladen Petrich - the author of a victorious goal in English national team gate could appear in the summer of this year as a part of club. However the football player has chosen a variant with career continuation in Germany. As to Chorluki and Modricha (20 million and 30 million euro accordingly) the oil tycoon has counted the price for them frankly overestimated for the Russian football. Ivitsa Olich, according to Feduna, the player not that level that are necessary Spartaku . I Consider, in our command there are players above a class - the president has explained.