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To swindlers have shown a red card

the largest scandal for the European football Inflames. According to Office of Public Prosecutor of Germany, the international criminal group bribed trainers, players, judges and football functionaries to earn on rates and to put in the pocket millions euro.
as has informed German news agency SID, in Croatia, to Slovenia, Bosnia, to Austria and Turkey swindlers have made profit of matches of the first league, in Belgium and Switzerland frauds have mentioned matches of the second football battalion. In scandal epicentre there was Germany where, under the version of state Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Bochum, paid there were 32 matches of different level - from league of juniors to the second Bundesliga. All dishonest games have taken place this year, the part from them was spent within the limits of Euro cup season - 2009/ 10.
During investigation lasting nine months the Office of Public Prosecutor and police left on a trace about 200 swindlers. Past Thursday on suspicion in frauds 15 persons in Germany, two more - in Switzerland have been arrested. Besides, investigating bodies have received 50 warrants on a search in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain. The telephone conversations of the persons connected with a crime heard by police became an occasion to arrests. Meanwhile the Office of Public Prosecutor does not name names of sportsmen, trainers and the judges who have been got mixed up in scandal.
on Friday in Bochum has taken place a press - conference of representatives of UEFA and a German Bundesliga: they approve actions of investigating bodies and insist on the prompt finding-out of all circumstances of this scandalous business. the consequence still proceeds <... > we will be and to watch closely further succession of events and to help police - the representative of UEFA has told daily.
as it is informed in a press - UEFA release, the organisation intends to demand The most rigid sanctions for persons and the clubs which have been got mixed up in dishonest actions . Representatives of the German football union also have sharply enough declared that will not suffer manipulations with games.
as has informed daily eks - the trainer of the Russian national team, head of Association of domestic trainers Michael Gershkovich, it really largest football scandal which will strike on unscrpulous people. On the other hand, the football history shows that swindle of sportsmen and trainers are negatively reflected in destiny of clubs that finally beats and on fans.
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