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Fans Tom` Fans of football club " have arranged meeting on the Internet

; Tom` have decided to organise meeting in support of the command. However, while will carry out the action only on the Internet. It starts 25 - go November at 13:00 Moscow time.
the carrying out reason meeting there were serious financial problems which are tested by a command. Fans are dissatisfied with absence of financing and demand to make answerable the guilty.
in the manifesto which is published on a site of fans Tom` in particular, it is told:
- Today we any more do not ask. We demand. We demand social responsibility from those people who are obliged to care of people, whose work creates their property and property of the country.
authors of the manifesto also are surprised, why in region there are no money resources if the Tomsk region is on the first place in a rating of self-support of regions. They notice that net profit of such enterprises, as Open Society Tomskneft Open Society Tomskgazprom and Open Company Tomskneftehim only for 2010 it is estimated tens billions roubles.
active workers are indignant:
- we have the right to worthy life in which should be a place both to modern kindergartens, and sports constructions accessible to all levels of population, and possibility to construct Of this profit own habitation, and to pleasure to look alive at favorite team game in the higher battalion. However on this money palaces in capitals are under construction, world stars act on korporativah, foreign soccer teams are financed. On us means are not present .
Fans say that leave with the requirements of street. They will arrange real meeting 27 - go November in Tomsk before a final match of 2011 in which Siberians will meet with Krasnodar .