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To win sprint on CHM on biathlon Ustjugovu falling

Ekaterina Bruj
In man`s sprint race in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge has prevented has not done without sensations. Unconditional favourites were shot in firing lines also have given the chance to other sportsmen to be overcome for medals.
the Russian sportsmen could not use this chance. But Swede Charles - Johan Bergman who has taken the third place has used it. Martan Furkad became the world champion in sprint, the second place was occupied with Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen. Russian Evgenie Ustjugov had every chance to be overcome for gold however annoying falling has affected race development.
Russian national team in this race has been presented by Andrey Makoveevym, Evgenie Ustjugovym, Evgenie Garanichevym and Anton Shipulinym, for which it already the second start in this World championship. These biathlonists are above other Russian sportsmen in sprint offset.
from four declared for participation in race of biathlonists three won medals in sprint at World Cup stages in this season. Garanichev won gold and silver Makoveev once rose on the second step of a pedestal, bronze won Ustyugs.
Emil Hegle Svendsen and Martan Furkad who conduct fierce struggle for a rank of the best biathlonist of a season, were called as unconditional favourites of race. Also in sprint throughout a season Swiss Benjamin Veger and German Arnd Pajffer closing the six of best in sprint offset successfully acted.
Svendsen, as well as Martan Furkad have earned on a penal circle on lezhke . It was shot and Pajffer who has missed once in the first firing line and twice on the second. Errors of contenders has used Ustyugs which was exact on lezhke . However two penal circles on which has left Ustyugs after racks have deleted his name from lists of applicants for medals.
as it was found out later,   Ustyugs has fallen on the second circle and has broken a head about a rifle, however   has continued race, but it already began to put for the sportsman   sovereshenno bezraduzhno. After finish   Ustyugs has passed in the mixed zone all in blood. Inspection of doctors which will make the decision is necessary to the biathlonist, whether it is necessary to it to participate in other races. Ustyugs has fallen on very dangerous turn, from - for which the line of this World championship repeatedly was exposed to criticism. During sprint of an order of ten sportsmen also could not keep balance on this site.
has not done without misses and Makoveev. In total it had to overcome a penal circle three times. For sprint race it is too much, that on something to count. The miss the fourth shot in the second firing line has not allowed also to Anton Shipulinu to apply for medals.
magnificent physical readiness was shown by the French biathlonists - brothers of Furkad and Alexis Bef who, despite misses, were present during race at in the lead group. Also it is possible to note work of the Swedish sportsmen of Fredrika Lindstroma, Charles - Johana Bergman and Bjoern Ferri which have very harmoniously acted. Swedes, certainly, will apply for the highest places in man`s relay race. Bergman shot precisely and on lezhke and on to a rack has made sensation, having taken the third place. It left the leader after the second shooting, however forces have not sufficed to interfere with dispute for gold and silver .
Garanichev could be shot on a zero in both firing lines. However even at exact shooting after racks he lost and to the Frenchmen mentioned above, and Swedes.
the first and second place was occupied with Martan Furkad and Emil Hegle Svendsen. Thus, having on two misses everyone, all of them equally leave far behind of the contenders. Representatives of Russian national team are not ready to win back yet the misses a course and can struggle for medals only at pure to shooting.
Evgenie Garanichev who on start of race of prosecution 4 - go March, will already lose to the leader of more minute became best of Russians. This backlog, certainly, it is possible to liquidate and it is possible to try to be overcome for medals. However the course of Garanicheva causes fears as he loses minute, without having any miss.   and backlog of Shipulina,   Ustjugova and Makoveeva from Furkada and Svendsena more than time, kotore they have spent at passage of penal circles.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Men. Sprint. 10 with two firing lines
1. Martan Furkad (France) - 24:18. 6 (2 penal circles)
2. Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) - +15. 1 (2)
3. Charles - Johan Bergman (Sweden) - +17. 7 (0)
... 12. Evgenie Garanichev (Russia) - + 1:03. 9 (0)
13. Anton Shipulin (Russia) - + 1:05. 1 (1)
30. Evgenie Ustjugov (Russia) - + 1:33. 4 (2)
33. Andrey Makoveev (Russia) - 1:42. 6 (3)