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Lapshin has won sprint at an open stage of the Cup of Russia on biathlon

Timothy Lapshin has won sprint at an open stage of the Cup of Russia, competition on the Prize of the governor of the Tyumen region . The second place was occupied with Alexey Volkov. bronze Dmitry Malyshko has won.

Wolves has lost to Lapshin of 20,3 seconds, and both sportsmen had on one miss. Malyshko has missed twice, but has lost to Lapshin not so much - 25 seconds.
in female sprint of the best there was a Belarus biathlonist Darya Domracheva the Second place the representative of other country - Norwegian Sinnove Sulemdal has occupied also.

Best of Russians became Anastas Zagorujko, finishing to the third. Having admitted one miss on a distance course, it has conceded Domrachevoj who also has missed once, 43,8 seconds.

Sulemdal at whom was on a course of race two misses, has lost to the Byelorussian of 28,9 seconds. Besides Domrachevoj and Sulemdal, from foreign sportswomen takes part in an open stage of the Cup of Russia also German Tina Bahman.

Anastas Zagorujko which took part before in the championship of Russia in Uvate, has commented on the performance: it was very heavy to Run today, - transfers words of the biathlonist official site SBR. - even the marathon in Uvate was gave To me easier, than sprint race in Tyumen. Probably, affects that I have not departed yet after that difficult distance. Weather was today uneasy, such snow. But I tried and worked. Throughout all season there were races when I felt much better. Working race " has turned out;.

we Will notice that participants of competitions left on start with mourning bandages and pochtili minute of silence memory of victims in an air crash which has occurred 2 - go April and has carried away lives 31 persons.

a prize of the governor of the Tyumen region . Tyumen.
Men. Sprint.
1. Timothy Lapshin - 27. 15,5 (1 penal circle)
2. Alexey Volkov +20,3 (1)
3. Dmitry Malyshko +25,0 (2)

Women. Sprint.
1. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) - 26. 00,6 (1 penal circle)
2. Sinnove Sulemdal (Norway) +28,9 (2)
3. Anastas Zagorujko (Russia) +43,8 (1)