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The Russian biathlonists have shown the best start of a season for five years

Ekaterina Bruj
the First a World Cup stage on biathlon in Swedish Ostersunde it is possible to bring in an active to the Russian sportsmen. Our shooting skiers have taken away four medals - one gold and three bronze. This reserve can become the comfortable stock, allowing to deserve trust of fans and trainers.
gold start
Russian national team as a part of Olga Zajtsevoj, Olga Viluhinoj, Alexey Volkova and Evgenie Ustjugova has set the highest lath in the first race of a season, having won the mixed relay race. Here, certainly, it is possible to say that trainers who have exposed the optimal and competitive structure have not lost. Our four has brought finishing the second the Norwegians have more 20 - ti than seconds.
Thus at women the choice on season start was obvious - two leaders who most stably have proved in last year have been exposed. As to men trainers have made the decision to expose on the final stage of Ustjugova which has had time to be restored in inter-season period after spring operation. And trainers have not lost, though at men now a choice very big, and a competition high.
Zajtseva on whom the basic rate on a course of last season became, has not absolutely ideally spent the stage, having admitted two misses on a rack, however feet results of this error could correct a little. But has perfectly fulfilled at the stage of Viluhina, finishing the leader, having good advantage. Volkovu it was necessary to use one additional cartridge, but on this indicator it was on a head above the nearest persecutors, which were shot . The Olympic champion Evgenie Ustjugov has been exposed on last stage as reliability stronghold. It is necessary to recognise that a rack it quite often brings, however it there was not that case.
the victory in relay race became bright start of a new season as a whole and a stage in Ostersunde in particular. Russians have won three more awards though, unfortunately, any gold them they were not.

In individual race Ekaterina Glazyrina has brought the three third places bronze in a national team coin box. Thus three our sportswomen have appeared in the six. Glazyrina the Norwegian who has won start of Round Berger has not admitted any miss, as well as. But to do something with Darya Domrachevoj who wins back two minutes a course, and it appears at the second step of a pedestal, it is impossible. The Byelorussian frightens the competitors of a mad course, and Berger - stability. The Norwegian has collected three gold At this stage and the maximum quantity of points on account of a World Cup.
Glazyrina, however, feet has lost Berger two minutes - rupture monstrous, of course, at equal shooting. We will look, as the sportswoman will progress further. Olga Zajtsevoj`s three misses which could not allow to be overcome to it for high places became annoying, but into the six of the best have entered Olga Viluhina and Ekaterina Jurlova. They, by the way, too have lost to the winner two minutes a course.
a photo: AFP
the Instructor of a female national team Wolfgang Pihler has commented on performance of the wards in this race. the podium Glazyrinoj, certainly, inspires optimism. It means that in a command each sportswoman can potentially get to prizes. And after all in last season such was only two. It very much encourages me. The success Glazyrinoj did not become for me a surprise. And here Jurlova has surprised. It has not passed selection in the first command, but has then received chance in a World Cup from - for problems Sleptsovoj with a knee. Also has managed to use it - transfers words of Pihlera Sports - the Express train . By the way, the expert has come out with the assumption that errors could affect a course of sportswomen in preparation of skis, but in the address service - brigades has refrained from sharp statements and claims.
in sprint Olga Viluhina has won bronze a few without having reached a line above. Olga Zajtseva has spent race better, than the individual, and has stopped on the place most unpleasant for the sportsman - the fourth.
men could not win a medal in sprint and individual race. However the individual allows to draw a pleasant conclusion. Evgenie Ustjugov and Anton Shipulin which were not exact in firing lines, feet were stronger than the winner of race - Frenchman Martana Furkada.
Last medal at this stage all - taki was earned by men. Anton Shipulin who has finished failure sprint for Russians, on 23 - m a place, could win back 20 positions and finish the third. On a medal Evgenie Ustjugov who was in the lead to last firing line, but on " had every chance; to a rack has admitted two misses and remained without an award.
to be in the lead, actually, very uneasy, for a long time the such did not occur, there was no small concentration, therefore has committed simple errors. The second shot is I simply has not finished, and last shot - is banal has pulled. All it works enough, anything terrible has not occurred. All command fought today adequately. Five persons in ten, I consider, it is very strong. I have enough forces. The only thing - on the fourth circle I went one and have a little felt depressed - quotes Ustjugova official site SBR.
the Glass is half full
the First stage of a World Cup allows to look ahead with optimism. Men are capable to struggle a course with leaders of world biathlon though in shooting yet there is no stability. But if this indicator to improve, the Russian biathlonists can apply for a medal in each race. As, I will repeat, this year at trainers of a man`s national team extremely a wide choice, and each sportsman motivirovan as can not get on the following start in case of a misfire if someone appears better.
the leader of a command causes in women of fear while Olga Zajtseva who has spent this stage not so well as can, strangely enough, but in one of personal races was close to an individual award. At a stage - medals Viluhinoj and Glazyrinoj - Wolfgang Pihler considers two podiums as good result, which adjusts us on an optimistical harmony .
Let`s try while to trust in the expert as its optimism is completely not groundless. Russian national team has shown the best start of a season for last five years. Ahead a stage in Austrian Hohfiltsine where medals in sprint, race of prosecution and relay race will be played.
a photo: AFP
Ostersund, Sweden. A World Cup. The first stage.
medals of the Russian biathlonists

Russia (Zajtseva, Viluhina, Wolves, Ustyugs). The mixed relay race
Ekaterina Glazyrina. Individual race. 15
Olga Viluhina. Sprint. 7,5
Anton Shipulin. Prosecution race. 12,5