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SHipulin has pulled out bronze in prosecution race on CHM on biathlon

Ekaterina Bruj  
In man`s race of prosecution in the World championship in Rupoldinge the Russian biathlonist Anton Shipulin starting 13 - m,   has won bronze   which became the first medal   our national team in this championship.   the first place was occupied with Frenchman Martan Furkad. Silver Swede Charles - Johan Bergman has won.
in   to this race   Russia has been presented by three sportsmen - Evgenie Garanichevym, Anton Shipulinym and Andrey Makoveevym. All of them left on start about backlog from the leader of Frenchman Martana Furkada of more minute.
Evgenie Ustjugov who during falling in sprint has hit a head about own rifle, has passed race. Such decision was accepted a trainer`s staff after Ustyugs has passed inspection. The trauma of the sportsman has appeared frivolous, but instructor of the team Valery Polhovsky has decided to give to the biathlonist day on rest and restoration.
the Frenchman, as well as leaving the second the Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen, have admitted on a miss in the first firing line. However our sportsmen could not use this chance to come nearer to leaders. SHipulin and Makoveev have missed on time, and Garanichevu had to pass two penal circles.
with that starting backlog which at the Russian sportsmen was, of course, necessary there was a special attention to turn on shooting to count on prize-winning places.
Furkad and divided with it Swede Charles - Johan Bergman on the second shooting have admitted leadership on a miss and have again given chance to persecutors. On the first line Austrian Daniel Mezotich has escaped. SHipulin and Makoveev at the expense of exact shooting could reduce the backlog from leaders, and here Garanicheva on a boundary had problems.
On the first to a rack sportsmen of in the lead group have amicably missed, but Shipulin was exact and has moved on 7 - ju a position. A course the Russian looked perfectly, gradually increasing rate on a race course. Garanichev was exact also, but lost decently, and here Makoveevu again had to come on a circle.
Shipulin after the second racks thanks to misses of leaders, has received excellent chance to be overcome for bronze . Only 7 seconds after last boundary it conceded going third Mezotichu. In the first lifting the Russian has made decision to try to come off the Austrian, and it was possible to it. Our biathlonist has competently distributed forces on the remained site of a line, and the well-deserved reward any more has not missed.
it is pleasant that a course all our sportsmen go at very decent level and if not starting backlog and misses on a race course, all of them could apply for medals. However it is necessary to work over shooting as time spent for overcoming of penal circles, Russians cannot win back how it is done by same Furkad and Svendsen.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Men. Prosecution race. 12,5 km with four firing lines

1. (1 place   at start)   Martan Furkad (France) - 33:39. 4 (4 penal circles)
2. (3)   Charles - Johan Bergman (Sweden) - + 5. 2 (2)
... 3. (13) Anton Shipulin (Russia) - + 22. 1 (1)
14. (12) Evgenie Garanichev (Russia) - + 1:29. 2 (4)
19. (33)   Andrey Makoveev (Russia) - + 1:47. 0 (3)