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Viluhina has won bronze in prosecution on CHM on biathlon

Ekaterina Bruj
In female race of prosecution in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge the Russian sportswoman Olga Viluhina has won bronze which became the second award of our command in this championship. The first place was occupied with Byelorussian Darya Domracheva, silver at the German of Magdalena Nojner.
Best of Russians following the results of sprint Svetlana Sleptsova started 7 - j with backlog from the leader of the German of Magdalena Nojner of more minute. Olga Viluhina started in a second after the the colleague on a national team, and here Olga Zajtseva lost 1:45. Backlog of last representative of Russia Anna Bogaly - Titovets came nearer to three minutes.
and Sleptsova have coped with Viluhina with the first shooting and could leave on 4 - ju and 5 - ju a position, thanks to misses of some sportswomen the first group of persecutors. Zajtseva and Bogaly - Titovets also have improved the position. It is interesting that a course on the first piece of race our sportswomen conceded Nojner very little. They gradually type the form during this championship.
Nojner and Byelorussian Darya Domracheva have missed on time on the second lezhke but alignment of forces between them has remained. Sleptsova has twice missed on this boundary, and here Viluhina has not trembled and has rushed to a pursuit of the German. A few to come nearer to leaders Zajtsevoj who also was exact was possible also.
after it is exemplary - indicative shooting of Nojner on to a rack its separation from persecutors, each of which has admitted on a miss, has even more increased. Our girls, unfortunately, also have appeared among missed, but it has not prevented to be fixed by Viluhinoj on 4 - m a place. Unique shot on a zero on this boundary Bogaly - Titovets has appeared the Russian, but it not so is good a course.
Nojner has presented a victory in this race by Domrachevoj, having missed on last boundary twice. The Byelorussian of chance has not missed. Has used misses of other sportswomen and Viluhina which left after shooting of the third. Even such terrible persecutors as the Norwegian of Round Berger and the Swede Helena Ekholm could not prevent to win Viluhinoj deserved bronze .
Viluhina, being the debutant of a national team while unique our sportswoman about whom it is possible to tell that it has approached the world to this championship on peak of the form. Hardly in the beginning of a season someone could assume that this biathlonist will bring a female national team the first medal of the main start of year. But the fact remains: Viluhina which at last stages of a World Cup very close was to a podium, at last on it has risen.
should please shooting of Bogaly - Titovets it is heavy to them to compete to others in speed is exact, but at the expense of shooting can show quite good result.   and here the leader of our national team Olga Zajtseva again has made a slip. But it continues to show the best course among Russians. As a whole, this race of our national team can be brought in an active: all Russians, except Svetlana Sleptsovoj, could improve the launching sites considerably.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Women. Prosecution race. 10 with two firing lines

1. (2 place at start) Darya Domracheva (Belarus) - 29:39. 6 (2 penal circles)
2. (1) Magdalena Nojner (Germany) - + 25. 1 (3)
3. (8) Olga Viluhina (Russia) - + 1:15. 4 (1)
... 7. (16) Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - + 1:58. 6 (1)
16. (7) Svetlana Sleptsova (Russia) - +3:04. 9 (3)
23. (41) Anna Bogaly - Titovets (Russia) - +3:32. 1 (0)