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The known German biathlonist declared career end

Known German biathlonist Michael Grajs declared career end.
I finish my sports career . - has written 36 - summer Grajs in the blog on a site europda. sport. yahoo. de, and then has spent a press - conference in its native city of Kemptene on which has confirmed this information.
we will remind, still one week ago Grajs before season start told that intends to struggle in races at good level and will calculate that will act stably. However 67 - e the place in individual race in Ostersunde has changed plans of Grajsa.
Already at the first stage I have participated that something very much does not suffice, something very important and solving. There was no fighting spirit and that bit me during my career, kogla I was the good sportsman and having become successful. I simply felt emptiness in me and then I have understood that it will be my last race. I knew that have arrived on a home straight of my career transfers words of Grajsa Der Tagesspoegel.
Mesto Grajsa at the second stage of a World Cup in Hohfiltsene will be occupied with Benedict Doll who has shown the best result on Cup IBU among German biathlonists.
we will remind, Grajs is trekratnym the Olympic champion Igr in Turin in 2006. He has won individual race, relay race and weights - start. Grasse became the world champion three times and has won devjat awards of world championships of other advantage - three silver and six bronze.
following the results of last season career other known German biathlonist - Magdalena has finished Nojner. To the sportswoman at that point in time was only 24 years, but she has declared that wants to test in other role.