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A.Tikhonov: Sleptsovu have spoilt, it should make itself the decision

the Former president of the Union of biathlonists of Russia, the former first vice-president of the International union of biathlonists, 11 - the multiple World championship and quadruple Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov has commented on start of a new biathlon season.
as a whole I am happy with those results which our command has shown at the first stage of a World Cup. I always said that I trust in successful performance of children, therefore results of a men`s team me have not surprised. That two Olgas will prove, and someone can be cut from young, also it was clear. Glazyrina and Korovin are obliged to progress and prove. From Viluhinoj I both earlier and now wait for results and I know, it could act for the account of that is better - Tikhonov in the official blog has written.
also the expert has commented on performance at Svetlana Sleptsovoj`s first stage: First of all, the sportswoman should feel the condition at present. It is not necessary to be declared on race only to start. Here fault first of all the sportswoman. At us such cases was much: if only have put, and there it will be visible. To a great regret, Light have spoilt, and today she should think: or to be prepared independently and to prove to be, or simply to leave the team. It does not add normal conditions to a command climate .
we Will remind, from the first stage of a World Cup on biathlon in Swedish Ostersunde Russians have taken away four medals - one gold and three bronze. Russian national team has won first place in starting race of a season - the mixed relay race. bronze from Ostersunda have taken away Ekaterina Glazyrinav, Olga Viluhina and Anton Shipulin.