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The Russian biathlonists remained without medals in individual race on CHM

Ekaterina Bruj
In female individual race in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge the Russian sportswomen remained without medals. The victory was gained by the Norwegian of Round Berger, silver at Frenchwoman Mari - Lor Brjune, and bronze has won eks - the ward of the instructor of Russian national team of Wolfgang Pihlera the Swede Helena Ekholm.
Our national team in this race was represented the leader of a command by Olga Zajtseva, the bronze prize-winner of this championship in race of prosecution Olga Viluhina, Yana Romanov and Svetlana Sleptsova.
the Wind was ruthless to sportswomen. Unconditional favourites of this race Byelorussian Darya Domracheva, the German Magdalena Nojner, from which and so nobody waited for absolutely irreproachable shooting, at all were shot having admitted on six misses everyone.
the Russian girls though were more exact, but nevertheless it is impossible to name their shooting faultless. Viluhina has admitted two misses in the first firing line, but has then gathered and it was exact. At Zajtsevoj and Romanovoj too was on two misfires, Sleptsova has missed once though before had every chance even on a victory.
it is possible to carry performance of American Susan Dankli for which it is the first a season in world biathlon and the first individual race to the category of sensations. Having admitted one miss, it has occupied 5 - e a place.
Russians have settled down in the total table enough dense group. Best of our sportswomen Olga Zajtseva has occupied 6 - e a place, Sleptsova goes at once behind it, Viluhina became 8 - j. Yana Romanov, at which 17 - e a place is a little behind.
a course in any way it is not possible to Russians to be tightened to the to competitors. Having one miss, Round Berger wins race, and Svetlana Sleptsova with the same one miss occupies only 7 - e a place and loses to the Norwegian two minutes.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Women. Individual race. 15 with four firing lines

1. Round Berger (Norway) - 42:30. 0 (1 miss)
2. Mari - Lor Brjune (France) - + 56. 4 (1)
3. Helena Ekholm (Sweden) - + 1:11. 1 (1)
... 6. Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - + 1:26. 1 (2)
7. Svetlana Sleptsova (Russia) - +2:01. 0 (1)
8. Olga Viluhina (Russia) - +2:12. 2 (2)
17. Yana Romanov (Russia) - + 3:52. 3 (2)