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E.Ustjugov became the fifth in sprint, women - out of ten

the Russian biathlonists have not reached a podium in 10 - kilometre sprint on 2 - m a World Cup stage in Austrian Hohfiltsene.
German Andreas Birnbaher for whom the similar success became the first in a season became the Winner of race. Frenchman Marten Furkad starting in the second group of participants, has lagged behind the leader minimum. Jacob Fak from Slovenia, also appeared on a podium has closed for the first time a three.
to tell the truth, did not expect that I can win. Sprint - very heavy race. It is necessary to be exact and fast. Today at me all has turned out, but I up to the end have not been assured that it will turn out to win. Skis perfectly worked for me, and already yesterday I well felt. Man`s biathlon - a thing unpredictable. At us such high competition, what even with ideal shooting, as you can see, I did not count on a victory. But me, it is unconditional, pleasant that today I - the best. I will try to repeat the success tomorrow - transfers words of Birnbahera SE .
Best of Russians became Evgenie Ustjugov and Andrey Makoveev, come with 5 - m and 6 - m results accordingly. Ustyugs thanks to it occupies 3 - e a place in the general cup offset and 5 - e in sprint.
also quite good results noted Dmitry Malyshko and Anton Shipulin, and here Evgenie Garanichev race has ruined, having admitted two misses.
in female sprint on 7,5 kilometres Russian national team has acted much worse. Within ten - any representative of our country, and only on 16 - m and 18 - m places have settled down far not leaders of a national team - Ekaterina Shumilov and Ekaterina Jurlova. Well and Olga Viluhina and Olga Zajtseva rather unsuccessfully shot, than have doomed itself to places outside of the best twenty.
despite a miss, Byelorussian Darya Domracheva became the leader following the results of race. It was helped also by that Kajsa Mjakjarjajnen and Round Berger also have not avoided a penal circle - the nearest competitor Domracheva has outstripped all for 5 seconds.
Hohfiltsen (Austria). A World Cup. 2 - j a stage. Men. Sprint of 10 km
1. Andreas Birnbaher (Germany) - 25:31,1 (0)
2. Marten Furkad (France) +0,4 (1)
3. Jacob Fak (Slovenia) +13,7 (1)
5. Evgenie Ustjugov (Russia) +26,1 (0)
6. Andrey Makoveev (Russia) +27,1 (0)
11. Dmitry Malyshko (Russia) +36,8 (2)
17. Anton Shipulin (Russia) +45,1 (1)
41. Alexey Volkov (Russia) +1:14,3 (0)
45. Evgenie Garanichev (Russia) +1:23,6 (2)
Women. Sprint of 7,5 km
1. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) - 22:24,7 (1)
2. Kajsa Mjakjarjajnen (Finland) +4,7 (1)
3. Round Berger (Norway) +12,9 (1)
16. Ekaterina Shumilov (Russia) +1:02,6 (0)
18. Ekaterina Jurlova (Russia) +1:06,4 (1)
25. Olga Viluhina (Russia) +1:26,1 (2)
44. Ekaterina Glazyrina (Russia) +2:00,0 (1)
52. Olga Zajtseva (Russia) +2:10,2 (4)
69. Marina Korovin (Russia) +2:47,3 (3)