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Man`s Russian national team has ruined relay race on CHM

Ekaterina Bruj
In man`s relay race in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge Russian national team remained without medals. The Norwegians became world champions in this kind, the second place was occupied with Frenchmen, and bronze owners of competitions have won. Russians were content with the sixth position.
for Russian national team ran Anton Shipulin, Andrey Makoveev, Evgenie Garanichev and Dmitry Malyshko. Evgenie Ustjugov who to the World championship unconditionally got to national team structure on relay race, has not been included in the demand by the decision of trainers which have fairly noticed that after falling in sprint of Ustyugs and could not come to the senses completely.
it is interesting that Makoveev, Garanichev and Malyshko never participated before in relay race in the world championships. And here Shipulin has already not bad proved in relay races, and in Rupoldinge it unique who has managed to bring a national team a medal. So Shipulin has begun race as the most reliable and stable at present our biathlonist.
Shipulin has not brought a command, it perfectly looked at the stage. Has admitted, truth, on one miss on each of boundaries, but by means of additional cartridges of a target was possible to close. Together with the Ukrainian sportsman Sergey Semenovym Shipulin left the leader of race after the second shooting.
but the whole group of persecutors has gone to a pursuit of Shipulinym and Semenovym - Frenchman Jean - Guillaume Beatriks, German Simon Shempp, a Czech Michael Shlezinger. It is interesting that the well-known Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen was not included into this group. It it was shot and even has gone on a penal circle after racks .
Makoveev has excellent spent the stage, and at a baton pass it has conceded all half-seconds to high-speed Frenchman Simonu Furkadu. Garanichev and Alexis Bef have kept the leadership after the first shooting. The Russian did not begin to force event and has preferred to sit out behind the back of the Frenchman to keep forces. However forces finally were useful for passage of such unnecessary penal circle after the second boundary.
there was no Garanicheva on last piece of race, and Dmitry Malyshko left on start, conceding a minute to the leader of race - to a triumpher of the championship to Frenchman Martanu Furkadu. Furkad has ruined last shooting and has given a victory of modular Norway. Our sportsman did not manage a pursuit of Emilem - Hegle Svendsenom, and Malyshko finished only the sixth, on the finish having passed forward itself also   the Austrian.
the structure of our command looked split into two half - brilliant the first and unsuccessful the second. Thus prize-winners of the strongest sportsmen have reserved on the race closing stages. Here it is possible to say as that trainers of Russian national team, have probably, incorrectly distributed biathlonists on stages, and about different level of preparation of our sportsmen.
it is pleasant that Anton Shipulin has proved to be again from the best party. It and Evgenie Garanichev should be overcome for medals in weights - start which will take place 11 - go March.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Men. Relay race 47,5
1. Norway (Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Rune Brattsven, Tarej Be, Emil - Hegle Svendsen) - 1:17:26. 8 (1 penal circle + 7 additional cartridges)
2. France (Jean - Guillaume Beatriks, Simon Furkad, Alexis Bef, Martan Furkad) - + 29. 7 (0+10)
3. Germany (Simon Shempp, Andreas Birnbaher, Michael Grajs, Arnd Pajffer) - + 53. 0 (0+10)
... 6. Russia (Anton Shipulin, Andrey Makoveev, Evgenie Garanichev, Dmitry Malyshko) - + 1:44. 1 (1+12)