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The Russian biathlonists have unsuccessfully finished failure CHM

Ekaterina Bruj
In race from the general start among men in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge a victory the triumpher of tournament Frenchman Martan Furkad has gained. The second and third place was occupied with two Swedish sportsmen - Bjoern Ferri and Fredrik Lindstrem who have distributed medals already on finish. Russians race have ruined.
Russian national team represented Anton Shipulin, Andrey Makoveev, Evgenie Ustjugov and Evgenie Garanichev. SHipulin has brought to a command bronze in prosecution race. It and Makoveev have excellent fulfilled the stages in man`s relay race. And here the form of Garanicheva, especially its shooting, after command race caused fears. The same as and bojazno was for Ustjugova as up to the end it was not clear, whether it was possible to recover to it from the trauma got in sprint. As a result all left exactly not how critics and sceptics expected.
Makoveev and Shipulin have perfectly begun race, and here at Ustjugova shooting at once was not set. Garanichev has fallen on one of turns, but, like, has done without a trauma. After the first shooting the high density of race has remained. Russians tried to keep in in the lead group. But misses in different firing lines gradually deleted names of our sportsmen from applicants for medals.
has not carried to Swiss Benjamin Vegeru at whom after falling the ski, and then and a stick has broken at first. The sportsman has been compelled to act in film from competition. Certainly, trainers could replace stock to the biathlonist so, probably, speech all - taki goes about a trauma.
Evgenie Garanichev upon whom streams of criticism after man`s relay race have fallen became the unique Russian who to the last applied for a medal. But the miss on last boundary has not allowed it   to be overcome for   prizes . It finished 9 - m, and at once behind it in the total report has settled down Ustyugs. Depress the results shown by Makoveevym and Shipulinym. They have taken last places in this race, having admitted 5 and 3 misses accordingly.
in total race of the World championship Russians did not manage to leave in a huff beautifully. It is necessary to recognise that the peak of the form of our sportsmen has had not on the main start of year. There are claims to a course, to shooting, to psychological readiness. At different stages of a World Cup many Russians had time to visit on a podium, but the World championship has turned out failure for our command.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Men. Weights - start. 15 with four firing lines

1. Martan Furkad (France) - 38:25. 4 (2 penal circles)
2. Bjoern Ferri (Sweden) - + 3. 0 (0)
3. Fredrik Lindstrem - + 3. 4 (2)
... 9. Evgenie Garanichev (Russia) - + 26. 8 (1)
10. Evgenie Ustjugov (Russia) - + 34. 4 (2)
28. Andrey Makoveev (Russia) - + 2:45. 4 (5)
29. Anton Shipulin (Russia) - + 3:08. 1 (3)