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The Russian biathlonists have come to grief in final race CHM

Ekaterina Bruj
In female race from the general start in the World championship on biathlon in German Rupoldinge a victory the Norwegian of Round Berger has gained. silver Frenchwoman Mari - Lor Brjune has won. Bronze the Finnish sportswoman Kajsa Makarajnen has won. Russians could not be overcome for medals.

Russian national team in this race represented Olga Viluhina, Olga Zajtseva and Svetlana Sleptsova. Viluhina and Sleptsova in the first firing line have admitted at once on two misses and have gone to reel up penal circles. Zajtsevoj it was possible to be shot precisely though on speed it all - taki conceded to leaders a little.

before the second shooting the mass blockage has interfered with alignment of forces. On descent the Norwegian Sinev Solemdal has not kept balance, and the whole group of persecutors has followed to its example. But in this episode, fortunately, anybody from sportswomen   has not suffered. Zajtseva, also fallen to this descent, has managed to consult with shooting on a boundary and continued struggle for high positions.

two other our sportswomen after the second firing line were rolled away on last positions and in every way tried to get out of a table cellar.

the third boundary has strongly changed the list of leaders which was headed by Frenchwoman Mari - Lor Brjune. Zajtseva which is not so fresh looked a course, thanks to exact shooting, it could be fixed on the fourth position, but it was obvious that forces do not suffice. Having missed on last boundary, Zajtseva has stopped to combat for prizes . Thus on finish it, having one miss, has lost to Byelorussian Darya Domrachevoj at whom misses was five.

later it became known that the result has been cancelled by Zajtsevoj from - for oversights in the first firing line. The sportswoman has occupied not that rug which should. It has received the help from the trainer on Pavel Rostovtsev`s shooting preparation and has run across on a proper place. However after race arbitrators have made decision to disqualify Zajtsevu.
- I was all in race, have come on a boundary and have laid down not on that installation, - transfers words of the sportswoman an official site of the union of biathlonists of Russia. - Pavel Rostovtsev has prompted that is necessary on the eighth. Me have fined for contact to the trainer. In addition, when changed installation on correct, has dressed only one belt of a rifle, and it was necessary both. Me in race disqualified. Certainly, I am upset. Not ours today day. It is a pity that such chaotic race has turned out in the end of the championship. Not the satisfactoriest from this championship

the Second championship has successively passed sensations for the permanent leader of our national team without personal awards. Other girls cannot while to take up the initiative and to act at least   As it is stable, as Zajtseva. While it is possible to tell that the Russian biathlon definitely is in crisis and needs changes.
the World championship. Rupolding, Germany
Women. Weights - start. 12,5 km with four firing lines
1. Round Berger (Norway) - 35:41. 6 (1 penal circle)
2. Mari - Lor Brjune (France) - + 8. 1 (1)
3. Kajsa Makarajnen (Finland) - + 12. 7 (1)
... 19. Olga Viluhina (Russia) - + 1:40. 4 (3)
24. Svetlana Sleptsova (Russia) - + 2:59. 0 (5)
... Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - +   56. 0   (1) - the result is cancelled