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O.Zajtseva is disqualified for last race of the World championship

Russian Olga Zajtseva disqualified following the results of race from the general start in the World championship in Rupoldinge. Thus, its result is cancelled - in this race it has taken the sixth place. The best result after disqualification Zajtsevoj as a part of Russian national team Olga Viluhina who has moved on 19 - e has shown a place.
after race of Zajtseva has commented to an official site of the Union of biathlonists of Russia on a situation with the disqualification: I was all in race, have come on a boundary and have laid down not on that installation. Pavel Rostovtsev has prompted that is necessary on the eighth. Me have fined for contact to the trainer. In addition, when changed installation on correct, has put on only one belt of a rifle that is forbidden - it was necessary to put on both. Me in race disqualified. Certainly, I am upset. Not ours today day. It is a pity that such chaotic race has turned out in the end of the championship. Sensations not the satisfactoriest from this championship .
Wolfgang Pihler Has commented on performance of the command and the senior trainer of a female national team on biathlon: If does not carry, does not carry under the full program. Olga Zajtseva had today good chances of a medal. But on one of turns there was a blockage - some sportswomen, Zajtseva have fallen at once including. Thus Olga has still risen not on that installation on a boundary, for what disqualified it after race. At Zajtsevoj today there was a good speed on a ski track and excellent shooting, but to it has not carried. Olga Viluhinoj and Svetlana Sleptsovoj had difficulties on shooting. We will assort these errors .
And here Olga Viluhina remained is happy with the performance in Rupoldinge: Cargo of responsibility any was not today. It has not turned out a little on shooting. Here my errors - I have not fulfilled a wind. I will learn a lesson on the future and I will continue to work. Upon termination of race we have embraced girls. Have congratulated each other on the championship termination. Ahead a World Cup stage in Hunts - Mansijske, it is necessary to finish a season adequately. I am happy with the championship, I carry to Russia a medal. I can tell that I am happy. Zaznajstva that I unique have won a medal in a command, any is not present. I Feel the same as and to the championship. Attention it is given much, but I try to remain same, as well as always .
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