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The World championship on biathlon has turned back for Russia accident

Alexey Shishkin
Russian national team has ruined the World championship on biathlon which has come to the end in Rupoldinge. Two bronze medals - absolutely worst result in the history of command performances on world championships if to take only the Russian history. Last year after the World championship in Hunts - Mansijske seemed, there is no place that more low to fall. The bottom has appeared more deeply.
the World championship crowned with itself the whole season, and to the main start the command has appeared is absolutely not ready. The biathlon races still will be - a world cup-final in Hunts - Mansijske, Vitaly Fatjanova`s memorial, Race of champions in Moscow - for certain, will be also medals at Russian national team. But fans will not forget Rupolding still very long. At least to a following World championship which will pass in Czech Nove - the Place.
after definitive end of a season the trainer`s staff of Russian national team should explain the reasons Monstrous failure as the head of the Union of biathlonists of Russia Michael Prokhorov named performance of a command. From a national team camp charges and justifications are distributed while only, but in any way explanations - for them time has not come yet.
whether skis do not go, whether...
more than ever many critical arrows have been let out in the address service - brigades over which from this season the Austrian expert Rajnhard Nojner supervises. Practically from the first stage of a World Cup in Swedish Estersunde to its work and to work of its wards claims expressed. At first - rather careful. So, if the sportsman after finish has thrown in a fit of temper that could make nothing from - for not enough good preparations of skis, trainers then in interview tried to soften tone of statements.
however in Rupoldinge all constraining barriers have been broken. The Russian sportsmen did not choose a word when spoke about skis. Apogee became Anton Shipulina`s statement, the unique representative of a men`s team which has won a medal in Rupoldinge. Already through 500 metres after start my skis did not go. I want to tell thanks our main thing servismenu which has buried my race to its beginning. It is a pity, the state of health was good - Shipulin after final weights - start has told.
to work service - a brigade consisting of three Russians and four foreigners, really is claims. But after the Russian biathlonists have started to criticise rigidly servismenov in all interviews, the situation has turned to searches of the guilty. Nojner the fault does not recognise, and it is ready to prove that its command has fulfilled a season well, but sportsmen were mistaken with a definitive choice of skis on concrete race.
anyway, clearly that the Austrian expert hardly will be late in Russian national team. Last year censures to its work were at modular Belarus, its trainer Klausa Ziberta and the leader of a command of Darya Domrachevoj. For no reason claims do not arise, and work service - brigades has now passed to new level in comparison with that was earlier. But also to shift all blame only on one person, to explain a failure on the main start of a season by exclusively technical problems, is a children`s babble.
a maternity leave
the Senior trainer of female Russian national team Wolfgang Pihler who has been called in a command that sportswomen began to show results, in the World championship has shown the essence. Its comments after go-ahead race, failure for Russians, were extremely incorrect. After all the trainer instead of taking the blame, has accused of failure only one sportswoman.
According to the German expert if Anna Bogaly - Titovets at the stage shot better, the command could apply for the post in a three of the strongest. after its catastrophic shooting on to a rack it became clear that race for us has collapsed, and we have missed leaders. To put Bogaly - Titovets in relay race was an error. Counted that it at the expense of a wide experience confidently will pass the stage, and left on the contrary - has declared Pihler. Already then, when he has understood that has told, the trainer of a female national team has tried to smooth impression of the words. the mister the trainer has remembered suddenly that in a go-ahead command four sportswomen, and wins or all command, instead of one person loses.
but here as in children`s game - the first word is more expensive than the second . Words of Pihlera should promote that Anna Bogaly - Titovets, the double Olympic champion who has made for Russia incomparably more than the garrulous German trainer, has actually declared end of the sports career. it is time, probably, in a maternity leave for a daughter - the sportswoman has told. Perhaps, Anna would declare the same and after the termination of an unsuccessful season, but would make it, without a parting word of the trainer.
eventually, unless not Pihler in the season beginning said what Bogaly - Titovets will necessarily win a medal in personal race in December or January? And unless not Pihler has finished the sportswoman (and not only it, and all national team at once) to that condition when the champion of Turin and Vancouver on a ski track lost to competitors from Andorra and Great Britain? When the German only began the work in a command behaved as the guru whom all can also all knows, promised that All will see in the World championship .
But eventually tone of its comments has changed. Pihler began to speak even more often about insufficiently qualitative material with which it is necessary to work and that me took to prepare a command for Sochi . And other national teams - Norwegians, Frenchmen, Germans, Byelorussians - they - here strange people - have decided to achieve already results, on the Olympic Games - 2014 hand to wave. Actually, Pihler has faded into the background and never its words sounded, as explanations. To accuse much easier. It is more difficult to recognise own errors and as the trainer of a man`s national team Andrey Gerbulov to tell: do not take in head to accuse Evgenie Garanicheva. Relay race - race command .
If the German trainer will continue work from Russian national team he should offer explanations and situations with with Anna Bogaly - Titovets, and to those results which the command has shown under his supervision. Otherwise the situation will repeat. And then Olga Zajtseva, Svetlana Sleptsova or someone another can appear the guilty. The variant, at which Pihler will go to an indefinite leave, now it seems far not to the worst.
what to do?
In next already time during the last years in one of the most successful for Russia winter sports rises an immemorial Russian question.
if to look at performance of a command on a season as a whole 27 prize-winning places should please. The men`s team in general has endured cardinal updating and looked very adequately. Judging by results at stages of Cup IBU and juniorskom the World championship, there is also an excellent reserve. Performance of men in Rupoldinge can be considered through a prism for one beaten... . The command has received necessary experience, and biathlonists have learnt that in sports there are also crushing defeats which it is necessary to learn to forget. Andrey Gerbulov has underlined that from errors it is necessary to draw conclusions and to work further.
As to a female national team all season it was pulled behind itself by Olga Zajtseva who according to the lights and possibilities was helped by Olga Viluhina. As a result to the World championship at the leader of a command does not remain neither forces, nor emotions. However, Pihler named success that fact that in offset of a virtual Cup of the nations its wards are in the lead. It would be useful for German trainer to come on a forum of official site SBR and to esteem that fans think of this a virtual reality . After Rupoldinga he has started talking about possible updating of structure and increase in training loadings at sportswomen. That is about far-reaching plans.
on a question what to do head SBR Michael Prokhorov, most likely, will answer. It has brought an unfavourable result to performance in the World championship in the blog: it is very upset. We catastrophically - and, it is absolutely unexpected - both relay races have lost: both man`s, and female. It is a monstrous failure. Three months while there was an election campaign, I almost did not give attention to that occurs to our command. This my omission, my fault as president of the Union of biathlonists of Russia. On anybody I am not going to shift this fault. Though, as far as I know, nothing foretold such fiasco.
right after the championship terminations I will start to understand seriously with a situation. It is necessary to understand and analyse, in what of the reason of bad results of our national team. If I will understand that further not in a condition effectively to combine a management of biathlon and a policy, I do not exclude that in the end of the year itself I will resign from a post of the president of the Union .
Hardly so loud failure will not lead to loud conclusions. Already now it is possible to tell that the Russian national team control system needs reform. Has not put, when the head coach of a national team has no high-grade contact to the senior trainers of separately taken commands and powers to influence them. Has not put, when same Pihler does not wish to be responsible for another`s errors trying to get rid from itself all responsibility. Has not put, when in a national team stir dirty linen, and about it it becomes known to all.
last years the national team in respect of maintenance with all necessary resources for work was in chocolate and from such conditions have relaxed all. Every year after arrival in SBR results all became worse than a new command of managers. Less than two years prior to the Olympic Games in Sochi it is time to forget about all experiments, to stop searches extreme and to start to work on result. The limit on justifications at managers SBR, trainers and sportsmen is already settled.