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O.Zajtseva has won bronze in weights - start in Rupoldinge

In weights - the start which has passed in Rupoldinge at a stage of a World Cup on biathlon, Russian Olga Zajtseva has won bronze having conceded to the Norwegian Round Berger and the Belarus sportswoman Darya Domrachevoj.
At once five Russian sportswomen have acquired the right to leave on start in this race. We will remind that start - sheet of this race is made by 25 best sportswomen of the general offset and five biathlonists who have won the right to participate in race following the results of a current stage.
from start only Olga Zajtsevoj from Russians managed to occupy an advantage-ground. It and Olga Viluhina have acquired the right to start from the first row, but Zajtseva has fulfilled the initial stage of race better. Failure has comprehended here Norwegian Sinnev Solemmdel at whom the stick has broken. Already to the first shooting of the sportswoman have ceased to go inconveniently dense group.
and Viluhina were shot by Zajtseva precisely, but at Zajtsevoj there were no errors and on the second lezhke and here Viluhina has come on a circle. So the most skilled our sportswoman had to take burden of leadership among Russians on itself. After the second boundary of Zajtseva left the third, after the Ukrainian of Twisted Semerenko, but has soon overtaken the sportswoman from the friendly country. Leadership was grasped by the Norwegian of Round Berger. By the way, she has won also unique before weights - start in a season. Zajtseva has managed to sustain the rate, the imposed Berger, and on the third boundary has come to roles of the second leader.
imposed to the Norwegian struggle of Zajtseva it was precisely shot and on to a rack and here Berger was necessary to run a penal circle. To catch up with Zajtsevu Vita Semerenko was started up, which speed all - taki does not suffice a little. However, in a rating of a World Cup of Semerenko of all on a line lags behind from Zajtsevoj. Berger at this stage it was let to catch up with the Russian to whom conceded 21 second. Approximately it is necessary for passage of a penal circle so much, can hardly less. With a speed Berger now it is difficult enough to struggle, but all - taki it not Domracheva who can to expiate also five misses a course .
On last boundary of Zajtseva has admitted obishku - the third shot has left in milk . And here Berger has not pumped up and has brought after racks to the Russian of 15 seconds. That is remarkable, Domracheva with two misses after a boundary has taken of the third position, conceding to Berger of 30 seconds. So Olga Zajtsevoj`s position was under the big threat - for the Belarus sportswoman such backlog by a problem is not. For kilometre to finish Zajtseva all - taki has given the silver the tireless Domrachevoj which course can envy and be surprised only, and not it won back such backlogs in the career.
Zajtseva a course Has conceded not only Domrachevoj, on this component it was the sixth. Other Russians monstrously lose feet to other leaders of world biathlon. Domracheva, and German Miriam Gessner who has won against the Belarus sportswoman more 30 - ti was seconds the first, by the way, at all.
except Zajtsevoj, anybody from Russians could not be hooked even for ten. Thus our girls has brought not only low speed, they much were mistaken and on a shooting range. At all other Russians on three misses at everyone. Olga Viluhina finishing on 14 - m a place became the best after Zajtsevoj.
biathlon. A World Cup. The fifth stage. Rupolding. Germany. Women. Weights - start. 12,5 km
1. Round Berger (Norway) - 37. 14,4 - 1 (0+0+1+0)
2. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) - +26,7 - 2 (1+0+1+0)
3. Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - +37,8 - 1 (0+0+0+1)
14. Olga Viluhina (Russia) - +2. 01,7 - 3 (0+1+1+1)
... 24. Ekaterina Shumilov (Russia) - +3. 10,6 - 3 (0+0+1+2)
27. Ekaterina Glazyrina (Russia) - +3. 27,3 - 3 (0+1+2+1)
28. Ekaterina Jurlova (Russia) - +4. 11,7 - 3 (0+1+0+2)