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O.Zajtseva has not held on to a podium in Pokljuke, T.Berger again the first

Round Berger of the first finished in race from the general start on 12,5 km within the limits of 3 - go a World Cup stage on biathlon. The Norwegian biathlonist has passed a distance for 35 minutes and 53 seconds.
the sportswoman from Scandinavian has not changed the country to itself and this time, having won next gold at the next stage of a World Cup. In Estersunde the biathlonist has won sprint, pasjut and the individual in Hohfiltsene it took the complete set of medals with gold in relay race, and at a stage in Pokljuke the Norwegian was noted again by the first place, having won weights - start.
have not prevented it to finish the first and two penal circles, and advantage over the nearest competitor were made by 35 seconds. At Miriam Gessner which have taken silver there were 4 superfluous circles on a distance.
the Third to finish Czech Gabriela Sukalova who also had two misfires in firing lines has come. Its time has appeared worse more than for 1 minute.
best of Russians Olga Zajtseva to the last applied for a medal, however it has appeared in a step from the first three. After 4 - j shooting it has left on a distance of the third, however Sukalova could bypass the Russian on a ski track.
also in flowers Ekaterina Jurlova who has occupied 5 - e a place has got. Viluhina - 8 - I.
Pokljuka, Slovenia. A World Cup. The third stage. Women. Weights - start. 12,5 km
1. Round Berger (Norway) - 35. 53,8 (2 penal circles)
2. Miriam Gessner (Germany) - backlog 35,5 (4)
3. Gabriela Sukalova (Czechia) - + 1. 02,1 (2)
4. Olga Zajtseva (Russia) - + 1. 20,3 (3)
5. Ekaterina Jurlova (Russia) - + 1. 23,4 (2)
8. Olga Viluhina (Russia) - + 1. 41,2 (3)
12. Ekaterina Shumilov (Russia) - + 2. 01,2 (4)
15. Ekaterina Glazyrina (Russia) - + 2. 30,3 (5)