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The Harlampievsky temple can collapse

One of the largest temples of Siberia can collapse. The Harlampievsky church has staid the thrown 10 years. When Alexander Tishanin was the governor, it undertook temple reconstruction. Church have almost restored. Have spent 213 million roubles.   and here financing has stopped.   on 80 % the temple was already ready. But it is more on restoration have not given copecks. A roof have not completed, and a part of walls have disassembled. Now in the formed holes rain water becomes numb and destroys all design.
- to rescue a temple, it is necessary to list 17 million roubles, - the priest who is responsible for restoration of church Evgenie of AGED MEN tells. - but since August of last year of money is not present.
In the Soviet years the temple has been transformed into a hostel, then - in a book-depository. Last years 20 centuries about a building on a broader scale   have forgotten. A haven addicts, Satanists and suicides there have found. In 2004 - m to year the Irkutsk priest father Vasily practically has alone started to be on duty in a temple and to spend worship services. At that point in time the building has literally grown   a long-term dust and a dirt.
a temple have started to restore. Have made the new base on a rubber aseismic pillow. The majority of walls have strengthened concrete layers, have built on domes, have hung up bells, have installed electrical equipment, have put to the sanitary technician. Have spent 213 million roubles. It was necessary to complete a roof and to add concrete in walls. Then the temple would be rescued.
- if in the near future not to close a roof and not to strengthen a wall, the temple will return to a dilapidated status, - Evgenie Startsev tells. - It will turn out that all diligence for nothing.

Besides, about 130 million roubles it is necessary on the further reconstruction: internal furnish and an accomplishment.

to Learn how to help with restoration of a temple and where to transfer money, it is possible by phones: (3952 21 - 70 - 26 or by Archdiocese phone: (3952 778 - 126.