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The sun thinks about grandsons

the Cat of the young singer and the beginning actress   the Sun (how it has got to a cinema, read in from 17. 06 and on a site) on a nickname of Marsik representation does not need. The history of occurrence of an exotic animal in our life zemljachki was observed by all country. We will remind that   a bald kitten of rare breed the Canadian sphinx to the girl presented it already eks - the beloved on to the House - 2 Dima Shmarov.

- And here in March we have celebrated the first day a birth of Marsjushi, - the Sun rejoices. - I have presented to it many delicacies and an elegant collar.

However, while it was not useful to a cat, the same as also a small lead. But already soon the favourite penzjachki should appreciate a gift. The sun is going to make with Marsikom the pedestrian walks in the street.

As the girl as soon as the cat began to live under its guardianship decent enough sum has been spent for him admitted to us.

- On a balcony it has a special small house with a padded stool, - the girl laughs. - he there very much likes to sunbathe. And as it at me bald sunburn already was in time to it to stick .

Also at the disposal of a star animal there is a special bag, numerous feeding troughs and even an autodrinking bowl.

- Marsik drinks much, the simple bowl does not suffice it. And it is very convenient piece. As soon as he will drink all, it is filled again with water.

the Canadian sphinx belongs to that breed which does not transfer loneliness. Therefore, when we zemljachka is on tours or study, with kotofeem its girlfriends sit. If the Sun does not happen some days, it can give its Marskika to the father - to Dmitry Shmarovu.

- Marsik at me as the child, cannot be in loneliness, - the careful girl has told.

And here the pupil concerns other animals with the big mistrust. Especial bewilderment it is called by usual cats. A star cat Houses - 2 looks at them as on aliens, after all it does not have wool, and these all hairy.

Truth sometimes the favourite can and afflict the mistress. So recently it has broken a favourite vase of the beginning actress.

- I have very much taken offence at it, he has felt at once it, - the girl smiles. - but as a result, certainly, has forgiven.

Shortly the Sun is going to get to itself grandsons .

- As soon as Marsjushe will be executed 1,5 years, to it all necessary inoculations will be made. Perhaps, we will reduce it with any kitty.

Read about pets of other stars tomorrow.


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