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In Novosibirsk Dmitry Haratjan will try on Soul of the Poet

Today   novosibirtsev the loud premiere - about fate - an opera " waits; Go white snegi to us   there has arrived our famous contemporary, poet Evgenie Evtushenko. The poet has prepared for Siberians at once two surprises   - besides the fate - operas will pass also creative evening of the poet.

the Opera is written on the basis of products of Evtushenko, and   the author executes one of leading roles in statement. Dmitry Haratjan became the executor of the second leading role, also in roles Paul Smejan, Denis Konstantinov, Anatoly Alyoshin are occupied. A premiere fate - operas Go white snegi has taken place on December, 12th last year, it has been dated to 75 - letiju the poet,   and tours across Russia have begun spring of this year. Tomorrow the fate - an opera will reach and to   Novosibirsk.

the Most known verses of Evtushenko will sound from a scene in a unique musical frame in which together merge sounding fate - groups, chorus and classical tools. Well, and lejt - the love subject becomes motive of product, after all not casually statement begins with a prayer about sending of love and a prayer for Favourite. But, as well as in all products of Evtushenko, fate - an opera posvjazega not only love, but also all eternal human values - to the relation to life and death, friends and foes, loneliness and treachery. And as a whole, as the author notices, this product is devoted Russia.

All novosibirtsam gives unique chance to see fate - an opera Go white snegi and to communicate to Evgenie Evtushenko today, on June, 21st in DKZH. The beginning in 19. 00.