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The cat of Netesanova protects apartment, and Dmitrys are bought to a dog of a toy

by All country for a long time already knows labradora Horses and a cat of Dorofeja - house pupils of the first persons of the state. has decided to find out, and what animals known inhabitants of our city prefer to hold in the house. After all psychologists say that one of certain ways to learn character of the person is to ask, what beast at it lives.
to comment on predilections Penza stars and officials we have asked the psychologist Svetlana Rogovu.

Alexey Netesanov considers Christina wise.
Named a cat in honour of Christina Orbakajte

In the house of Mr. of the Universe on Alexey Netesanova`s bodybuilding here already throughout ten years there lives the persian chinchilla.

- the Small fluffy kitty to us have presented a year later after wedding, - Alexey tells. - we long solved, as it to name. We would not like it to give an elite name, though at it very eminent parents. And we named it simply Christina. Just on the TV Christina Orbakajte sang, and washing the spouse has told: - And give we name Christina!

According to Alexey, at its favourite very uneasy character. It combines malignancy and wisdom.
- another`s person it can even bite. But when we had a child she has understood at once who for us is the most important, and is very loyal to it has concerned, - Alexey speaks. - Certainly, can a little poshipet, but never will touch.


- Beautiful fluffy cats is got by the person at whom the pressing forward to the graceful is strongly developed. Probably, he subconsciously aspires to tenderness and softness, after all its pupil - an animal especially house, hothouse . Though fighting character of a cat reminds of confidence of the owner.


Valery Sazonov named a dog a human name.
the Dog became a New Year`s gift

At the director of art gallery Valery Sazonov all animals appeared in the house casually. Now at it there lives a cat of Marsjuha - a gift of the girlfriend known of Penza poetess Larissa Jashinoj. Marsjuha several years ago was a cat Marsikom, and it was then found out that it of a female.

But most of all Valery Petrovich was proud of the dog - Barbie`s royal poodle. The puppy has appeared in a family of Sazonovyh on December, 31st and became the present New Year`s gift.

- First they with a cat took away each other meal, - Valery Petrovich tells. - And then became friends. Marsjuha even began to sponsor Barbie, to care of it. The dog was the cleverest, of all took the hint.
by the way, in the passport at a dog the nickname, and the presents a surname, a name and even a patronymic - Barbie Valerevna Sazonov have been written down not. She has lived at the owner of 13 years.


- the Person who has given to a dog such difficult name, - the intellectual, in something the pragmatist. Its life, on the one hand, submits to the firm logic. On the other hand, the owner of this pupil very much needs live human dialogue. It is visible how sincerely he loved the dog.


Alexander Dmitrys worships
the Dog - the aristocrat is afraid to go in the car

On a family tree a full name of the pupil of the main health officer of area of Alexander Dmitriev - Max fom Nordishen Hof. Despite the aristocratic origin, the German shepherd here peacefully gets on three years with usual husky Umkoj.

- At me a dog since the childhood, especially I love sheep-dogs, - Alexander Pavlovich tells. - And Max have presented, when at me other dog that I not so strongly worried has died.

to Walk aristocrat Max goes only with the owner, the meal is prepared for the favourite too by exclusively Alexander Pavlovich. The dog has received a worthy origin education - the dog has passed a training course. The most difficult was to accustom a sheep-dog to go in the car. Max very much was afraid of cars and refused flatly in them to sit down.

- I Have spoilt its toys, - Alexander Pavlovich complains. - Now as soon as will see me, at once demands, that with it played. And on a broader scale my dog very clever, only the sensitive. Probably, aristocratic character affects.


- the German shepherd - a dog for protection. Means, it is necessary for its owner to feel assured and protected. It is visible that it is the person vigorous and mobile, time he chooses such pupil with whom it is necessary to walk, and it with pleasure does.